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Best films of 00

by Laine

I’m pretty new to this site even though I did join it awhile ago. I figure why not post a best of the decade list.

Here’s the unedited list or of films not listed on here:

1. Silent Light/Carlos Reygadas
2. Hayat var/Reha Erdem
3. Boarding Gate/Olivier Assayas
4. Masnap/Atilla Janisch
5. The Wayward Cloud/Tsai Ming-Liang
6. Horror/Dante Tomaselli
7. Inland Empire/David Lynch
8. Fantomes/Jean-Paul Civeyrac
9. Uzak Ihtimal/Mahmut Fazil Coskun
10. Purgatorio/Roberto Rochin
11. A Dirty Shame/John Waters