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by ohrachelleigh
BEST PERFORMANCES BY YEAR (1938-2014) by ohrachelleigh
1938 Best Actor- Cary Grant, Bringing Up Baby & (tied) Spencer Tracy, Boys Town Best Actress- Bette Davis, Jezebel Best Supporting Actor- Walter Catlett, Bringing Up Baby Best Supporting Actress- Fay Bainter, Jezebel 1939 Best Actor- Robert Donat, Goodbye Mr Chips & (tied) Clark Gable, Gone.With The Wind Best Actress- Vivien Leigh, Gone With The Wind Best Supporting Actor- Frank Morgan, The Wizard Of Oz Best Supporting Actress- Hattie McDaniel, Gone With The Wind 1940 Best Actor- Charlie Chaplin, The Great Dictator Best Actress- Bette Davis, The Letter Best Supporting Actor- Jack Oakie, The Great Dictator Best Supporting Actress- Judith… Read more

Best Actor- Cary Grant, Bringing Up Baby & (tied) Spencer Tracy, Boys Town
Best Actress- Bette Davis, Jezebel
Best Supporting Actor- Walter Catlett, Bringing Up Baby
Best Supporting Actress- Fay Bainter, Jezebel

Best Actor- Robert Donat, Goodbye Mr Chips & (tied) Clark Gable, Gone.With The Wind
Best Actress- Vivien Leigh, Gone With The Wind
Best Supporting Actor- Frank Morgan, The Wizard Of Oz
Best Supporting Actress- Hattie McDaniel, Gone With The Wind

Best Actor- Charlie Chaplin, The Great Dictator
Best Actress- Bette Davis, The Letter
Best Supporting Actor- Jack Oakie, The Great Dictator
Best Supporting Actress- Judith Anderson, Rebecca

Best Actor- Orson Welles, Citizen Kane
Best Actress- Barbara Stanwyck, The Lady Eve
Best Supporting Actor- Donald Crisp, How Green Was My Valley
Best Supporting Actress- Dorothy Comingore, Citizen Kane & (tied) Sara Allgood, How Green Was My Valley

Best Actor- Ronald Colman, Random Harvest
Best Actress- Bette Davis, Now Voyager
Best Supporting Actor- Henry Travers, Mrs Miniver
Best Supporting Actress- Gladys Cooper, Now Voyager & (tied) Dame May Witty, Mrs Miniver

Best Actor- Joseph Cotten, Shadow Of A Doubt
Best Actress- Ingrid Bergman, Casablanca & (tied) Teresa Wright, Shadow Of A Doubt
Best Supporting Actor- Claude Rains, Casablanca
Best Supporting Actress- Katina Paxinou, For Whom The Bell Tolls

Best Actor- Charles Boyer, Gaslight
Best Actress- Ingrid Bergman, Gaslight
Best Supporting Actor- Raymond Massey, Arsenic And Old Lace
Best Supporting Actress- Josephine Hull, Arsenic And Old Lace

Best Actor- Ray Milland, The Lost Weekend
Best Actress- Celia Johnson, Brief Encounter
Best Supporting Actor- James Dunn, A Tree Grows In Brooklyn
Best Supporting Actress- Ann Blyth, Mildred Pierce

Best Actor- James Stewart, It’s A Wonderful Life
Best Actress- Dorothy McGuire, Spiral Staircase
Best Supporting Actor- Harold Russell, Best Years Of Our Lives & (tied) Marius Goring, A Matter Of Life Or Death
Best Supporting Actress- Kim Hunter, A Matter Of Life Or Death

Best Actor- James Mason, Odd Man Out & (tied) Richard Attenborough, Brighton Rock
Best Actress- Gene Tierney, The Ghost And Mrs Muir
Best Supporting Actor- Richard Widmark, Kiss Of Death
Best Supporting Actress- Kathleen Byron, Black Narcissus

Best Actor- Laurence Olivier, Hamlet & (tied) Humphrey Bogart, Treasure Of The Sierra Madre
Best Actress- Jane Wyman, Johnny Belinda & (tied) Moira Shearer, The Red Shoes
Best Supporting Actor- Walter Huston, Treasure Of The Sierra Madre
Best Supporting Actress- Ethel Barrymore, Portrait Of Jennie

Best Actor- Kirk Douglas, Champion & (tied) James Cagney, White Heat
Best Actress- Olivia de Havilland, The Heiress
Best Supporting Actor- Ralph Richardson, The Heiress & (tied) Alec Guinness, Kind Hearts And Coronets
Best Supporting Actress- Margaret Wycherly, White Heat

Best Actor- William Holden, Sunset Boulevard & (tied) Jose Ferrer, Cyrano De Bergerac
Best Actress- Gloria Swanson, Sunset Boulevard & (tied) Anne Baxter, All About Eve
Best Supporting Actor- George Sanders, All About Eve & (tied) Anton Walbrook, La Ronde
Best Supporting Actress- Hope Emerson, Caged

Best Actor- Marlon Brando, A Steetcar Named Desire & (tied) Alec Guinnes, Lavender Hill Mob
Best Actress- Viven Leigh, A Streetcar Named Desire
Best Supporting Actor- Karl Malden, A Streetcar Named Desire & (tied) Robert Walker, Strangers On A Train
Best Supporting Actress- Kim Hunter, A Streetcar Named Desire

Best Actor- Gary Cooper, High Noon
Best Actress- Claire Bloom, Limelight & (tied) Shirley Booth, Come Back Little Sheba
Best Supporting Actor- Donald O’Connor, Singin’ In The Rain
Best Supporting Actress- Jean Hagen, Singin’ In The Rain & (tied) Katy Jurado, High Noon

Best Actor- John Gielgud, Julius Caesar
Best Actress- Danielle Darrieux, Earrings Of Madame de…
Best Supporting Actor- Vittorio De Sica, Earrings Of Madame de…
Best Supporting Actress- Thelma Ritter, Pickup On South Street

Best Actor- Marlon Brando, On The Waterfront & (tied) James Mason, A Star Is Born
Best Actress- Judy Garland, A Star Is Born
Best Supporting Actor- Karl Malden, On The Waterfront
Best Supporting Actress- Eva Marie Saint, On The Waterfront

Best Actor- Ernest Borgnine, Marty & (tied) Dirk Bogarde, Cast A Dark Shadow
Best Actress- Susan Hayward, I’ll Cry Tomorrow
Best Supporting Actor- Jack Lemmon, Mr Roberts & (tied) Arthur Kennedy, Trial
Best Supporting Actress- Jo Van Fleet, I’ll Cry Tomorrow

Best Actor- James Mason, Bigger Than Life
Best Actress- Carroll Baker, Baby Doll
Best Supporting Actor- Eli Wallach, Baby Doll
Best Supporting Actress- Eileen Heckart, The Bad Seed

Best Actor- Alec Guinnes, Bridge On The River Kwai & (tied) Victor Sjostrom, Wild Strawberries
Best Actress- Giulietta Masina, Nights Of Cabiria
Best Supporting Actor- Lee J Cobb, 12 Angry Men & (tied) Gunnar Bjornstrand, The Seventh Seal
Best Supporting Actress- Marlene Dietrich, Witness For The Prosecution & (tied) Bibi Andersson, Wild Strawberries

Best Actor- Tony Curtis, The Defiant Ones
Best Actress- Jeanne Moreau, Elevator To The Gallows & (tied) Susan Hayward, I Want To Live!
Best Supporting Actor- Louis Jourdan, Gigi
Best Supporting Actress- Barbara Bel Geddes, Vertigo & (tied) Hermione Gingold, Gigi

Best Actor- Jack Lemmon, Some Like It Hot & (tied) James Stewart, Anatomy Of A Murder
Best Actress- Marilyn Monroe, Some Like It Hot
Best Supporting Actor- George C Scott, Anatomy Of A Murder
Best Supporting Actress- Joan Shawlee, Some Like It Hot

Best Actor- Jack Lemmon, The Apartment
Best Actress- Shirley McClaine, The Apartment & (tied) Rachel Roberts, Saturday Night And Sunday Morning
Best Supporting Actor- Anthony Perkins, Psycho
Best Supporting Actress- Mary Ure, Sons And Lovers & (tied) Brenda De Banzie, The Entertainer

Best Actor- Dirk Bogarde, Victim & (tied) Marcello Mastroianni, Divorce Italian Style
Best Actress- Sophia Loren, Two Women & (tied) Natalie Wood, Splendor In The Grass
Best Supporting Actor- Montgomery Clift, Judgement At Nuremburg & (tied) Pat Hingle, Splendor In The Grass
Best Supporting Actress- Claudia McNeil, A Raisin In The Sun

Best Actor- Jack Lemmon, Days Of Wine And Roses & (tied) Peter O’Toole, Lawrence Of Arabia
Best Actress- Lee Remick, Days Of Wine And Roses & (tied) Bette Davis, What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?
Best Supporting Actor- Ed Begley, Sweet Bird Of Youth
Best Supporting Actress- Hermione Gingold, The Music Man & (tied) Angela Lansbury, The Manchurian Candidate

Best Actor- Dirk Bogarde, The Servant
Best Actress- Leslie Caron, The L-Shaped Room
Best Supporting Actor- James Fox, The Servant & (tied) Hugh Griffith, Tom Jones
Best Supporting Actress- Anouk Aimee, 8 1/2

Best Actor- Peter O’Toole, Becket
Best Actress- Kim Stanley, Seance On A Wet Afternoon & (tied) Anne Bancroft, The Pumpkin Eater
Best Supporting Actor- Wilfred Brambell, A Hard Day’s Night
Best Supporting Actress- Lilia Kedrova, Zorba The Greek & (tied) Agnes Moorehead, Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte

Best Actor- Terance Stamp, The Collecter
Best Actress- Julie Christie, Darling & (tied) Samantha Eggar, The Collector
Best Supporting Actor- Tom Courtenay, Dr Zhivago & (tied) Richard Attenborough, Flight Of The Pheonix
Best Supporting Actress- Shelley Winters, A Patch Of Blue

Best Actor- Richard Burton, Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? & (tied) Jean-Louis Trintignant, A Man And Woman
Best Actress- Elizabeth Taylor, Who’s Afraid Of Viriginia Woolf? & (tied) Bibi Andersson, Persona
Best Supporting Actor- Walter Matthau, The Fortune Cookie & (tied) Eli Wallach, The Good The Bad And The Ugly
Best Supporting Actress- Sandy Dennis, Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?

Best Actor- Patrick McGee, Marat/Sade & (tied) Peter Cook, Bedazzled
Best Actress- Faye Dunaway, Bonnie And Clyde
Best Supporting Actor- George Kennedy, Cool Hand Luke & (tied) Ian Richardson, Marat/Sade
Best Supporting Actress- Eleanor Bron, Bedazzled

Best Actor- Zero Mostel, The Producers & (tied) Ron Moody, Oliver!
Best Actress- Liv Ullman, Shame
Best Supporting Actor- John McEnery, Romeo And Juliet & (tied) Gene Wilder, The Producers
Best Supporting Actress- Pat Heywood, Romeo And Juliet

Best Actor- Dustin Hoffman, Midnight Cowboy & (tied) Alan Bates, Women In Love
Best Actress- Glenda Jackson, Women In Love & (tied) Maggie Smith, The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie
Best Supporting Actor- Helmut Berger, The Damned
Best Supporting Actress- Pamela Franklin, The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie & (tied) Ingrid Thulin, The Damned

Best Actor- Jean-Louis Trintignant, The Conformist & (tied) Ron Moody, The Twelve Chairs
Best Actress- Julie Christie, The Go-Between
Best Supporting Actor- Colin Blakely, The Private Life Of Sherlock Holmes
Best Supporting Actress- Jane Asher, Deep End & (tied) Margaret Leighton, The Go-Between

Best Actor- Malcolm McDowell, A Clockwork Orange
Best Actress- Ruth Gordon, Harold And Maude & (tied) Glenda Jackson, Sunday Bloody Sunday
Best Supporting Actor- John Hurt, 10 Rillington Place & (tied) Tom Baker, Nicholas And Alexandra
Best Supporting Actress- Vivian Pickles, Harold And Maude

Best Actor- Laurence Olivier, Sleuth & (tied) Peter O’Toole, The Ruling Class
Best Actress- Liza Manelli, Cabaret
Best Supporting Actor- James Villiers, The Ruling Class & (tied) Barry Foster, Frenzy
Best Supporting Actress- Ingrid Thulin, Cries And Whispers

Best Actor- Edward Woodward, The Wicker Man & (tied) Paul Rogers, The Homecoming
Best Actress- Jacqueline Bisset, Day For Night & (tied) Liv Ullman, Scenes From A Marriage
Best Supporting Actor- Christopher Lee, The Wicker Man & (tied) Jan Malmsjo, Scenes From A Marriage
Best Supporting Actress- Valentina Cortese, Day For Night & (tied) Madeline Kahn, Paper Moon

Best Actor- Alan Bates, Butley & (tied) Al Pacino, The Godfather Part II
Best Actress- Gena Rowlands, Woman Under The Influence & (tied) Charlotte Rampling, The Night Porter
Best Supporting Actor- Lee Strassberg & John Cazale, The Godfather Part II
Best Supporting Actress- Teri Garr, Young Frankenstein & (tied) Madeline Kahn, Blazing Saddles

Best Actor- Jack Nicholson, One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest & (tied) Al Pacino, Dog Day Afternoon
Best Actress- Louise Fletcher, One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest & (tied) Isabelle Adjani, The Story Of Adele H
Best Supporting Actor- Brad Dourif, One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest
Best Supporting Actress- Marisa Berenson, Barry Lyndon

Best Actor- Peter Finch, Network
Best Actress- Faye Dunaway, Network
Best Supporting Actor- Laurence Olivier, Marathon Man
Best Supporting Actress- Piper Laurie, Carrie

Best Actor- Woody Allen, Annie Hall
Best Actress- Diane Keaton, Annie Hall & (tied) Marsha Mason, The Goodbye Girl
Best Supporting Actor- Peter Firth, Equus
Best Supporting Actress- Jenny Agutter, Equus

Best Actor- Laurence Olivier, The Boys From Brazil (tied) Michel Serrault, La Cage Aux Folles
Best Actress- Geraldine Page, Interiors & (tied) Liv Ullman, Autumn Sonata
Best Supporting Actor- John Hurt, Midnight Express & (tied) Christopher Walken, The Deer Hunter
Best Supporting Actress- Uta Hagen, The Boys From Brazil & (tied) Angela Lansbury, Death On The Nile

Best Actor- Peter Sellers, Being There
Best Actress- Sigourney Weaver, Alien & (tied) Judy Davis, My Brilliant Career
Best Supporting Actor- John Cleese, Life Of Brian
Best Supporting Actress- Shirley McClaine, Being There

Best Actor- John Hurt, The Elephant Man
Best Actress- Mary Tyler Moore, Ordinary People & (tied) Catherine Deneuve, The Last Metro
Best Supporting Actor- Jack L Thompson, Breaker Morant & (tied) Timothy Hutton, Ordinary People
Best Supporting Actress- Helen Mirren, The Long Good Friday

Best Actor- Dudley Moore, Arthur & (tied) Klaus Maria Brandaur, Mephisto
Best Actress- Barbara Sukowa, Lola
Best Supporting Actor- Ian Charleson, Chariots Of Fire
Best Supporting Actress- Alice Krige, Chariots Of Fire

Best Actor- Ben Kingsley, Gandhi
Best Actress- Meryl Streep, Sophie’s Choice
Best Supporting Actor- Jan Malmsjo, Fanny And Alexander
Best Supporting Actress- Candice Bergen & Rohini Hattangadi, Gandhi

Best Actor- Tom Courtenay, The Dresser
Best Actress- Shirley McClaine, Terms Of Endearment & (tied) Julie Walters, Educating Rita
Best Supporting Actor- Denholm Elliot, Trading Places
Best Supporting Actress- Eileen Atkins, The Dresser

Best Actor- F Murray Abraham, Amadeus & (tied) Harry Dean Stanton, Paris Texas
Best Actress- Judy Davis, Passage To India
Best Supporting Actor- Harry Shearer, Spinal Tap
Best Supporting Actress- Nastassja Kinski, Paris Texas

Best Actor- William Hurt, Kiss Of The Spider Woman
Best Actress- Norma Alenandro, The Official Story (tied) Helena Bonham Carter, A Room With A View
Best Supporting Actor- Christopher Lloyd, Back To The Future & (tied) Denholm Elliot, A Room With A View
Best Supporting Actress- Katherine Helmond, Brazil

Best Actor- Bob Hoskins, Mona Lisa
Best Actress- Isabella Rosselini, Blue Velvet
Best Supporting Actor- Michael Caine, Hannah And Her Sisters (tied) Dennis Hopper, Blue Velvet
Best Supporting Actress- Dianne Weist, Hannah And Her Sisters

Best Actor- Richard E Grant, Withnail And I
Best Actress- Glenn Close, Fatal Attraction & (tied) Sarah Miles, Hope And Glory
Best Supporting Actor- R Lee Ermy, Full Metal Jacket & (tied) Alfred Molina, Prick Up Your Ears
Best Supporting Actress- Joan Chen, The Last Emporer

Best Actor- John Cleese, A Fish Called Wanda & (tied) Phillipe Noiret, Cinema Paradiso
Best Actress- Juliette Binoche, Unbearable Lightness Of Being
Best Supporting Actor- Michael Palin, A Fish Called Wanda & (tied) Alec Guinness, Little Dorrit
Best Supporting Actress- Sylvia Sidney, Beetlejuice & (tied) Lena Olin, Unbearable Lightness Of Being

Best Actor- Daniel Day-Lewis, My Left Foot
Best Actress- Isabelle Adjani, Camille Claudel
Best Supporting Actor- Alan Alda, Crimes And Misdemeanors
Best Supporting Actress- Brenda Fricker, My Left Foot

Best Actor- Jeremy Irons, Reversal Of Fortune
Best Actress- Kathy Bates, Misery
Best Supporting Actor- Joe Pesci, Goodfellas & (tied) Albert Finney, Miller’s Crossing
Best Supporting Actress- Lorraine Bracco, Goodfellas

Best Actor- Anthony Hopkins, Silence Of The Lambs
Best Actress- Jodie Foster, Silence Of The Lambs
Best Supporting Actor- Ted Levine, Silence Of The Lambs
Best Supporting Actress- Jessica Tandy, Fried Green Tomatoes

Best Actor- Stephen Rea, The Crying Game
Best Actress- Emma Thompson, Howard’s End
Best Supporting Actor- Steve Buscemi, Reservoir Dogs & (tied) Jack Lemmon, Glengarry Glen Ross
Best Supporting Actress- Judy Davis, Husbands And Wives & (tied) Joan Plowright, Enchanted April

Best Actor- Anthony Hopkins, Shadowlands & (tied) David Thewlis, Naked
Best Actress- Holly Hunter, The Piano
Best Supporting Actor- Pete Postlehwaithe, In The Name Of The Father & (tied) Christopher Lloyd, Addams Family Values
Best Supporting Actress- Anna Paquin, The Piano & (tied) Joan Cusack, Addams Family Values

Best Actor- Jean-Louis Trintignant, Three Colors: Red & (tied) Nigel Hawthorne, The Madness Of King George
Best Actress- Natalie Portman, Leon: The Professional & (tied) Irene Jacob, Three Colors: Red
Best Supporting Actor- Bill Hunter, Muriel’s Wedding & (tied) Martin Landau, Ed Wood
Best Supporting Actress- Dianne Weist, Bullets Over Broadway

Best Actor- Jonathan Pryce, Carrington
Best Actress- Sharon Stone, Casino & (tied) Emma Thompson, Sense and Sensibility
Best Supporting Actor- Kevin Spacey, The Usual Suspects & (tied) Rufus Sewell, Carrington
Best Supporting Actress- Elizabeth Spriggs, Sense And Sensibility & (tied) Judy Parfitt, Dolores Clairborne

Best Actor- Geoffrey Rush, Shine
Best Actress- Brenda Blethyn, Secrets And Lies & (tied) Emily Watson, Breaking The Waves
Best Supporting Actor- Armin Mueller-Stahl, Shine
Best Supporting Actress- Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Secrets And Lies & (tied) Katrin Cartlidge, Breaking The Waves

Best Actor- Billy Connolly, Mrs Brown & (tied) Robert Carlyle, The Full Monty
Best Actress- Judi Dench, Mrs Brown
Best Supporting Actor- Greg Kinnear, As Good As It Gets
Best Supporting Actress- Julianne Moore, Boogie Nights & (tied) Gloria Stuart, Titanic

Best Actor- Jeff Bridges, The Big Lebowski
Best Actress- Cate Blanchett, Elizabeth & (tied) Jane Horrocks, Little Voice
Best Supporting Actor- John Goodman, The Big Lebowski & (tied) Jeff Daniels, Pleasentville
Best Supporting Actress- Joan Allen, Pleasantville & (tied) Brenda Blethyn, Little Voice

Best Actor- Kevin Spacey, American Beauty (tied) Daniel Auteuil, The Girl On The Bridge
Best Actress- Annette Bening, American Beauty & (tied) Hilary Swank, Boys Don’t Cry
Best Supporting Actor- Michael Caine, The Cider House Rules
Best Supporting Actress- Chloe Sevigny, Boys Don’t Cry

Best Actor- Geoffrey Rush, Quills
Best Actress- Ellen Burstyn, Requiem For A Dream (tied) Maggie Cheung, In The Mood For Love
Best Supporting Actor- Fred Willard, Best In Show & (tied) Willem Defoe, Shadow Of The Vampire
Best Supporting Actress- Marcia Gay Harden, Pollock

Best Actor- Russell Crowe, A Beautiful Mind & (tied) Tom Wilkinson, In The Bedroom
Best Actress- Sissy Spacek, In The Bedroom
Best Supporting Actor- Jim Broadbent, Iris & Moulin Rouge!
Best Supporting Actress- Maggie Smith & Helen Mirren, Gosford Park

Best Actor- Richard Gere, Chicago
Best Actress- Nicole Kidman, The Hours
Best Supporting Actor- Chris Cooper, Adaptation & (tied) Ed Harris, The Hours
Best Supporting Actress- Catherine Zeta Jones, Chicago

Best Actor- Bill Murray, Lost In Translation & (tied) Paul Giamatti, American Splendor
Best Actress- Charlize Theron, Monster & (tied) Evan Rachel Wood, Thirteen
Best Supporting Actor- Bill Nighy, Love Actually
Best Supporting Actress- Holly Hunter, Thirteen

Best Actor- Leonardo Di Caprio, The Aviator
Best Actress- Kate Winslet, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
Best Supporting Actor- Alan Alda, The Aviator & (tied) Thomas Haden Church, Sideways
Best Supporting Actress- Cate Blancett, The Aviator

Best Actor- Viggo Mortenson, A History Of Violence
Best Actress- Judi Dench, Mrs Henderson Presents
Best Supporting Actor- Bob Hoskins, Mrs Henderson Presents & (tied) William Hurt, A History Of Violence
Best Supporting Actress- Kelly Reilly, Mrs Henderson Presents

Best Actor- Forest Whitaker, The Last King Of Scotland
Best Actress- Judi Dench, Notes On A Scandal
Best Supporting Actor- Jackie Earl Haley, Little Children (tied) Sergi Lopez, Pan’s Labyrinth
Best Supporting Actress- Cate Blanchett, Notes On A Scandal

Best Actor- Daniel Day-Lewis, There Will Be Blood & (tied) Johnny Depp, Sweeney Todd
Best Actress- Helena Bonham Carter, Sweeney Todd
Best Supporting Actor- Javier Bardem, No Country For Old Men & (tied) Tom Wilkinson, Michael Clayton
Best Supporting Actress- Sasoire Ronan, Atonement

Best Actor- Mickey Rourke, The Wrestler
Best Actress- Kate Winslet, Revolutionary Road
Best Supporting Actor- Michael Shannon, Revolutionary Road
Best Supporting Actress- Taraji P Henson, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

Best Actor- Colin Firth, A Single Man
Best Actress- Carey Mulligan, An Education
Best Supporting Actor- Christoph Waltz, Inglourious Basterds & (tied) Peter Capaldi, In The Loop
Best Supporting Actress- Mo’Nique, Precious: Based On The Novel Push By Sapphire

Best Actor- Colin Firth, The King’s Speech
Best Actress- Natalie Portman, Black Swan
Best Supporting Actor- Geoffrey Rush, The King’s Speech
Best Supporting Actress- Barbara Hershey, Black Swan & (tied) Helena Bonham Carter, The King’s Speech

Best Actor- Jean Dujardin, The Artist
Best Actress- Michelle Williams, My Week With Marilyn & (tied) Viola Davis, The Help
Best Supporting Actor- Christopher Plummer, Beginners
Best Supporting Actress- Berenice Bejo, The Artist & (tied) Jessica Chastain, The Help

Best Actor- Jean-Louis Trintignant, Amour & (tied) Joaquin Pheonix, The Master
Best Actress- Emmanuelle Riva, Amour & (tied) Jennifer Laurence, Silver Lining’s Playbook
Best Supporting Actor- Phillip Seymour Hoffman, The Master
Best Supporting Actress-Anne Hathaway, Les Miserables & (tied) Isabelle Huppert, Amour

Best Actor- Mads Mikkelsen, The Hunt & (tied) Chiewetel Ejiofor, 12 Years A Slave
Best Actress- Cate Blanchett, Blue Jasmine
Best Supporting Actor- Jared Leto, Dallas Buyers Club
Best Supporting Actress- Lupita Nyong’o, 12 Years A Slave & (tied) June Squibb, Nebraska

Best Actor – Michael Keaton, Birdman & (tied) Ralph Fiennes, The Grand Budapest Hotel
Best Actress – Julianne Moore, Still Alice
Best Supporting Actor – J.K. Simmons, Whiplash & (tied) Edward Norton, Birdman
Best Supporting Actress – Patricia Arquette, Boyhood

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