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Chuck Jones, Ranked

By: Rock and Bull

Chuck Jones is a genius. I own eight DVD discs of Looney Tunes, and have watched hundreds more. These are his (all great) films on this site, ranked.

Greats not on this site:

The Hypo Chrondi Cat
Bugs Bunny And The Three Bears
To Beep Or Not To Beep
Steal Wool
Duck, Rabbit, Duck
Water, Water, Every Hare
Super Rabbit
Hare-Devil Hare
Bugs Bunny And The Three Bears
Chow Hound
For Scent-Imental Reasons
Frigid Hare
Feed The Kitty
Don’t Give Up The Sheep
From A to Z-Z-Z-Z
Deduce, You Say



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Picture of Dimitris Psachos

Dimitris Psachos


i'd say Duck Dodgers and Fast and Furry-ous should be higher ;)

Picture of Ally the Manic Listmaker

Ally the Manic Listmaker


Good list, Beanie!

Picture of Maximilian XXI of Bercovicz

Maximilian XXI of Bercovicz


ONE FROGGY EVENING and WHAT'S OPERA, DOC? are my favorites. I'll have to watch DUCK AMUCK.