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Cinema on the Road

By: roujin

films covered on my podcast, cinema on the road.

EP 1: Portugal

Our Beloved Month of August (main review)
Aniki Bobo (main review)

EP 2: Romania

Tuesday After Christmas (main review)
Reconstruction (main review)
City of Sadness (reviewed by Jhon)
O Fantasma + Odete (reviewed by Seema)

EP 3: Canada

Incendies (main review)
Pour La Suite du Monde (main review)
Genevieve (bonus review)
Certified Copy (reviewed by Jhon)
To Die Like a Man (reviewed by Seema)

EP 4: Philippines

Kinatay (main review)
Turumba (main review)
Love on a Diet + Yesterday Once More (reviewed by Jhon)
Fractured Follies (reviewed by Seema)

EP 5: Greece

Attenberg (main review)
Sweet Bunch (main review)
Code Geass (TV) (reviewed by Jhon)
The Sleeping Beauty (reviewed by Seema)
Close-Up (reviewed by Seema)
Boudu Saved From Drowning (reviewed by Seema)
Bandini (reviewed by Seema)

EP 6: Poland

Essential Killing (main review)
Illumination (main review)
Spiral (reviewed by Seema)
Death Note (TV) (reviewed by Jhon)
Gundam 00 (TV) (reviewed by Jhon)
Hikaru no Go (TV) (reviewed by Jhon)
Tristana (reviewed by Seema)

EP 7: Japan

Norwegian Wood (main review)
Every Night Dreams (main review)
Seven Samurai (reviewed by Jhon)
Home Sweet Home (reviewed by Jhon)
Disorder (reviewed by Jhon)
Delhi Belly (reviewed by Seema)
Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (reviewed by Seema)

EP 8: South Korea

I Saw the Devil (main review)
Flower in Hell (main review)
Time Regained (reviewed by Seema)
Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (reviewed by Jhon)
The Cinema on the Road: A Personal Essay on Cinema in Korea (reviewed by Jhon)
Submarine (reviewed by Seema)

EP 9: Bonus Episode #1

The Kid with a Bike (main review)
The City of Violence (reviewed by Jhon)
The Skin I Live In (reviewed by Seema)
The Chaser (reviewed by Jhon)
Sleeping Beauty (reviewed by Seema)
Breathless (reviewed by Jhon)
A Man Vanishes (reviewed by Seema)
Secret Things (reviewed by Jhon)
Don’t Go Breaking My Heart (reviewed by Jhon)

EP 10: India

Rockstar (main review)
Deewaar (main review)
Boudu Saved From Drowning (reviewed by Jhon)
Coeur Fidele (reviewed by Seema)

EP 11: Best of 2011

Listen and find out!

EP 12: Colombia

The Wind Journeys (main review)
Rodrigo D: No Futuro (main review)
Oxhide / Oxhide II (reviewed by Jhon)
Ain’t No Tomorrows (reviewed by Seema)

EP 13: Bonus Episode #2

We Need to Talk About Kevin (main review)
The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant (reviewed by Seema)
Ladies vs. Ricky Bahl (reviewed by Jhon)
Caro Diario (reviewed by Jhon)
Lancelot du Lac & Bresson in general (reviewed by Seema)
Dreileben (reviewed by Seema)

EP 14: Australia (w/ Marc as guest)

Snowtown (main review)
Sweetie (main review)
Sombre (reviewed by Seema)
Yuki & Nina (reviewed by Jhon)

EP 15: Turkey

Once Upon a Time in Anatolia (main review)
Dry Summer (main review)
Accident (reviewed by Seema)
Bandini (reviewed by Jhon)

EP 16: Bonus Episode #3

The Edge of Heaven (main review)
White Nights (reviewed by Seema)
The Lost Virgin / Lunchbox (reviewed by Jhon)
House of Tolerance (reviewed by Seema)
The Rose Seller (reviewed by Jhon)
The Makioka Sisters (reviewed by Seema)
Buenas Noches Espana / Sunny (reviewed by Jhon)

EP 17: Hungary

The Turin Horse (main review)
The Red and the White (review)
A Town of Love and Hope (reviewed by Seema)
Senso (reviewed by Jhon)

EP 18: U.K.

The Deep Blue Sea (main review)
The Servant (main review)
Behindert (reviewed by Seema)
La Rupture (reviewed by Jhon)

EP 19: Bonus Cannes Episode

The White Ribbon (Bonus Review, not really)

EP 20: Hong Kong

Romancing in Thin Air (Main Review)
Life Without Principle (Main Review)
Too Many To Be No. 1 (Main Review)

EP 21: Bonus Episode #4

Brief Crossing (reviewed by Jhon)
A Man Asleep (reviewed by Seema)

EP 22: Norway

Oslo, August 31 (main review)
Pinchcliffe Grand Prix (main review)

EP 23: Sight & Sound Round Up

Listen to find out what made our top 10!

EP 24: TIFF 2012 Special (w/ special guest Ty Landis)

Sans Soleil (reviewed by Seema and Ty)
Tabu (reviewed by Seema and Ty)
Like Someone in Love (reviewed by Seema and Ty)
Something in the Air (reviewed by Seema and Ty)
Rust and Bone (reviewed by Seema and Ty)
Paradise: Love (reviewed by Seema and Ty)

Ty Landis Only

The Place Beyond the Pines
Dredd 3D
Spring Breakers
Frances Ha
The Act of Killing

Seema Only

Me and You
Night Across the Street

EP 25: Thailand

Headshot (main review)
King of the White Elephant (main review)

EP 26: 2012 Discoveries

The best older movies we saw this year.

EP 27: Top 10 of 2012

Listen and find out!

EP 28: Brazil

Neighboring Sounds (main review)
Bang Bang (review)
Drug War (Seema only)
The Girl From Nowhere (Jhon only)
Leviathan (Seema only)
The Grandmaster (Jhon only)
Starlet (Seema only)
The Wolf Children (Jhon only)

Episode #29: Bonus Episode #5

Chennai Express (main review)
Bol Bachchan + Singham (Jhon)
Love Battlefield (Seema)
Blue (Jhon)
Parking / Fourth Portrait (Seema)
I Hear Your Voice (tv) (Jhon)
Blind Love (Jhon)

Episode #30: Italy

Cesare Deve Morire (main review)
Fists in the Pocket (main review)



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