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Crazed Fruit

By: Chai Is the Warmest Beverag​e

A Dream Journey to the Peach Blossom Land:

Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis – Pavasaris IV

Whatever they know, the thorns of the bitter orange trees are busy stitching final touches in gowns fitted for the apples at their ends. They must be finished before they are picked.

Ah, what sin is there in youth? Autumn has already tasted their sweetness; life’s promises are already fleeing the season on big, backward steps.

- Song Ch’an-ho, “Orchard with a Hedge of Bitter Orange Trees”

Charles Becker – Harvest Glow

And over this death-stricken scene the chequered light of the late-autumn sun which filtered through every crack and cranny in the earth-bound roof began to fade, and the earth itself, heavy with lush, intoxicating odours from plants and creeping flowers, slowly darkened and disappeared from the view with all its vast and secret loveliness.

- Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay, Pather Panchali

Tosa Mitsuoki – Flowering Cherry With Poem Slips

Let us live, my love,
Let us live in the Green Mountain.
With figs and grapes
Let us live in the Green Mountain.

On the way to the sea
I brew strong wine in a round jar.
Leaven, gourd-shaped, begs me to stay here.

- Anonymous (ca. 11th-Century Silla), “Song of the Green Mountain”



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Picture of ešerihija koli

ešerihija koli


haha here's my music fruit list >

Picture of Klaus Capra

Klaus Capra


Ahh.. an excellent list, good work

Picture of Kenji



What about the Japanese film Crazed Fruit itself? I really like it. Other fruit Paintings i like include Chardin's Basket of Strawberries and there's another by Khandjyan in my The Caucasus list.

  • Picture of Chai Is the Warmest Beverage

    Chai Is the Warmest Beverage


    Probably the sole nod to that film, which I quite liked as well, will have to remain the title of the list, as I would find it a bit awkward to include it here. I'll have to check out the Khandjyan though - thanks for bringing that to my attention.

Picture of Kenji



Nice picture by Ciurlionis- very interesting artist. Do you know the An Kyon painting Dream Journey to Peach Blossom Land?

  • Picture of Chai Is the Warmest Beverage

    Chai Is the Warmest Beverage


    Yes, Kenji - glad you caught that :) It's a painting I adore. Never looks the same each time I see it. Agreed, Ciurlionis is quite otherwordly - the Sonatas and the Hymns he painted are among my favorites. Although I have yet to hear his compositions performed, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if there were a grand image/music correlation to the works.