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crisis and narrative: argentina

By: oki

Suggestions welcome.
eventually going to culminate into a paper…

focusing on contemporary cinema, with a few pre-90s films for comparison purposes

crisis and deterioration of the family narrative



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Picture of John Calvin Story

John Calvin Story


Man, don't know when I'm going to get a chance to see Hour of the Furnaces. But whenever it is, it'll definitely come combo-ed w/ Battle of Chile.

Picture of Chai Is the Warmest Beverage

Chai Is the Warmest Beverage


Oh cool. I haven't seen that one but I actually just watched 'The Headless Woman' for the first time yesterday. So I definitely want to look at more of her films. Good luck with it!

Picture of oki



still working on it, though it might have shifted to focus on just a couple films. I think I might use La cienaga as the main film and then use a few others for comparison purposes. thanks!

Picture of Chai Is the Warmest Beverage

Chai Is the Warmest Beverage


Fabulous list! I realize I've come to it a bit late, but have you seen Martin Rejtman's 'Rapado'? That one might be a good one to add. One of its big themes is urban existential boredom in an era of economic prosperity and features a very fragmented, disconnected family unit. Have you already written the paper?