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Criterion Titles Available on Netflix "Watch Instantly"

By: Jarrod

Criterion has continued to push the presence of their films on Netflix’s “Watch Instantly” feature and as a way to help keep everyone in the loop as to what is available for streaming (Netflix’s search doesn’t allow for searching/sorting by “Criterion”) I’ve compiled this list here. A big thanks to without which I couldn’t stay on-top of which new titles had become available to stream. Also a big nod to Ryan Gallagher over at who regularly blogs about new Criterion titles available to stream.

I will update this list as new titles become available. If you notice a title that is available to stream that I don’t have on this list please comment in this topic.

Updated 12/19/2010



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A many, if not all, of these are no longer available for "Watch Instantly" on Netflix. In fact, not a single one of these I've searched for is available, only on DVD. I've only searched for a dozen of the above titles on Netflix, I ain't gonna do all 142 :p but still, that's a pretty dismal count. Maybe I just got real unlucky 12 times? I did notice that a few titles are no longer on my "List" that were there previously, notably (because they're also listed above) Bottle Rocket, Solaris, and Slacker. I can't say for sure when that happened, but I think it happened quite recently.

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add david fincher's the game

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Anthony Capoccia


The Man Who Fell To Earth is on there now and Antichrist. A few of the other good flicks on there at this time (in the US) but probably not Criterion are Bug, Bronson, Natural Born Killers (director's cut), and of course the Twin Peaks episodes. A few Fellini flicks on there also. The link that Ode to Joy Film gives is a good one. I had no idea that Naked was on there now. Great film.

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I found quite good. Consists of all the latest Criterion films on Netflix streaming and updated directly from Netflix API. Worth giving a shot.


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