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Don't Worry

By: Marcus Killerb​y

I told you not to worry

The Chess Player – Raymond Bernard
The Love Of Sumako The Actress – Kenji Mizoguchi
The Sparrow – Youssef Chahine
The Lovers Of Teurel – Raymond Rouleau
March Of The Anal Sadistic Warrior – Matthew Barney
Diary Of A Suicide – Stanislave Stanojevic
Straight To The Bone – Erik Mauck
The Short & Curlies – Mike Leigh
A Sense Of History – Mike Leigh
Five More Minutes – Dena Decola & Karin E. Wandner
Creative Nonfiction – Lena Dunham
Slow Days – Matija Klukovic
First Person Singular – Sam Neave
Ginally, Lillian & Dan – Mike Gibisser
I Need A Ride To California – Morris Engel
Presque Isle – Rob Nillson
Northern Lights – Rob Nillson
Frank Dead Souls – Rob Nillson
Afraid Of Everything – David Barker
Quick Feet, Soft Hands – Paul Harrill
Gina, An Actress, Age 29 – Paul Harrill
Black Roots – Lionel Rogosin
Black Fantasy – Lionel Rogosin
Woodcutters Of The Deep South – Lionel Rogosin
Arab Israeli Dialogue – Lionel Rogosin
Macedonian Blood Wedding – Trajce Popov
Betrayal – David Hugh Jones
Funnyman – John Korty
Riverrun – John Korty
Forty Deuce – Paul Morrissey
Spike Of Bensonhurst – Paul Morrissey
Ladies Of Leisure – Frank Capra
Forbidden – Frank Capra
The Miracle Woman – Frank Capra
The Rocking Horse Of Winter – Michael Almereyda
Sundance – Michael Almereyda
Little Noises – Jane Spencer
Scenes From The New World – Gordon Eriksen
Taipei Story – Hou Hsiao-Hsien
Mozart In Love – Mark Rappaport
Casual Relations – Mark Rappaport
Postcards – Mark Rappaport
The People’s War – Robert Kramer
Scenes From The Class Struggle In Portugal – Robert Kramer
FALN – Robert Kramer
In The Country – Robert Kramer
The Edge – Robert Kramer
A Toute Allure – Robert Kramer
Diesel – Robert Kramer
Le Manteau – Robert Kramer
The Ghosts Of Electricity – Robert Kramer
Starting Place – Robert Kramer

And the complete works of:
Charlie Chaplin
Buster Keaton
Jean-Luc Godard
Stan Brakhage
Jean Painleve

The Early Works Of Stanley Kubrick

La Fee Aux Choux – Guy
Westinghouse Works – Bitzer
La Saucisse – Guy
Story Of The Kelly Gang – Tait
The Lonedale Operator – Griffith
The Land Beyond The Sunset – Shaw
Bout De Zan Vole Un Elephant – Feuillade
Daydreams – Bauer
The Life Story Of David Lloyd George – Elvey
Tol’able David – King
Orochi – Futagawa
Tumbleweeds – Baggot
Town Rat, Country Rat – Starewicz
A Diary Of Chuji’s Travels – Ito
The Overcoat – Kozintsev & Trauberg
Zvenigora – Dovzhenko
Fall OF The House Of Usher – Watson & Webber
The Wonderful Life Of Nina Petrowna – Schwarz
The Complete Silent Films Of Georges Melies



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"I told you not to worry" I love this list