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Evil Sushi

By: Blue K, Custodi​an of the Cinema

The sick, the twisted, and the bizarre from the land of the rising sun.


Abnormal Family, Elder Brother’s Bride (Masayuki Suo, 1983) Debut work from the director who’d go on to make the commercial hit Shall We Dance? A hilarious pink eiga parody of Ozu’s Tokyo Story, complete with low angle static shots!

The Glamorous Life of Sachiko Hanai (Mitsuru Meike, 2004) A young woman gets a bullet lodged in her head and starts communicating with a cloned finger of George w. Bush.



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Picture of Gylfi



So many films that I would like to see ! Terrific list :)

Picture of John Calvin Story

John Calvin Story


None of these match up to Noisy Requiem: where a serial killer cuts a vaginal hole into a mannequin, and then stuffs the hole with the entrails of his victims so that it'll feel like the real thing. I can't even believe I just wrote that. And then you should see what he does to protect his "hole"....

Picture of Coheed 2.5

Coheed 2.5


I would recommend Survive Style 5+ for this list. If anything, the plot strand about the salaryman father who is permanently hypnotised into thinking he's a bird and how that concludes is bizarre (and surprisingly sweet) alone.

Picture of Kenji



the cloned finger of George W Bush sounds fun! or else the ultimate horror film