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Favorite Feature-Length Films: A Canon

By: sayurka​ngkung


Thanks for coming by, this is simply a list of films that i love, can watch over and over, emotionally resonant, etc etc etc.

All films are in random order (except for the first two films, both are my absolute favorites)

And please note that this is a temporary list, i could change the content(s) of this list anytime…..



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Picture of Steve



Yes you have balls man! I Can't stand people that don't rank there films and do it alphabetical

Picture of sayurkangkung



it's hard ranking all these masterpieces, jangan menambah beban mental saya. Ok, the ranking in this list is pretty pointless, but not that pointless...

Picture of Yuki Aditya

Yuki Aditya


i thought Children of Paradise would be at least on your top 10?

Picture of Chris CS

Chris CS


Nice list. You might enjoy mine, we have some similar picks :)