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by Awesome Welles

A top 20 of films I have been fortunate to see (1-10) and films I haven’t (11-20) which need to be released on DVD/BD.

1. Eros + Massacre
2. Chrionique d’un été
3. The Lusty Men
4. A Man Vanishes
5. The Mother and the Whore
6. Death by Hanging
7. American Boy: A Profile of Steven Prince
8. Brewster McLoud
9. Los Olvidados
10. State of Siege (not on MUBI)

1. Out 1
2. Where is the Friend’s Home?
3. L’Amour Fou
4. The Spider’s Strategem
5. Je t’aime je ’’taime
6. A Gentle Woman
7. Come Back to the Five and Drime Jimmy Dean Jimmy Dean
8. Tih minh
9. The Deserter and the Nomads (not on MUBI)
10. La voce della luna