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Film Challenge - 2011

By: jetblac​kmascar​a

in the order i watched them. my goal for 2011 was to have seen at least 52 films by the end of the year – luckily i met it! i hadn’t tried to see this many films in one year since my teens!

films i saw that are not in mubi’s database (i’ve left a small note beside each one so i will know where they belong in the list chronologically, so i can add them back in when/if they become part of the database)

- Love Begins (saw after Dancer in the Dark)
- Love’s Everlasting Courage (saw after Love Begins)
- Front of the Class (saw after Thor)



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Sarah J. Bean


I have the same issue! I always want to understand everything about a film after I've seen it, so I'll go on line and read reviews and watch it again with the commentary. It's awful and awesome. In fact, I was watching Annie Hall last night and couldn't get through the whole thing even though it's so fantastic. I just try to watch as many films as possible! Good luck!

Picture of Sarah J. Bean

Sarah J. Bean


This is a great idea, but you must see more than 52 films this year! That's practically nothing! (...unless you're someone who actually doesn't have time to sit on your ass and manage two films a day.) But Sunshine -- fantastic film, eh?

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    haha, thank you so much! my film intake per year has been so poor the last 5-ish years, i was like, i MUST make a goal this year XD i've already fallen behind due to being busy, but i'll catch up >< haha i really AM hoping i hit more than 52 films! so you watch two a day though? that's AMAZING! i wish i had not the time, i do XD, but the concentration!! haha. i usually have to wander off a bit after seeing a film to think about it :P Sunshine, loved it! it was really brilliant to me, NOT a fan of the sudden extra villain, but it couldn't kill the rest of the love i had for the cinematography and the storyline, what an intense idea for the end of the world ><! just amazing. thanks for the comment! :3


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