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Films Seen In 2010 For The First Time Part 1

By: Coheed 2.5

I thought it would be interesting to keep a list of all the films, old and new, feature-length or short, that I’ve seen for the first time this year. As my hobby of watching films only started to develop last year, expect as many classics from around the world as obscure gems.

Films Not On The Auteurs

Parasomnia (William Malone)
Dr Moreau’s House of Pain (Charles Band)
Whistle (Duncan Jones)
Johanes Doktor Faust (Emil Radok, 1958)
Deadly Stingers (J.R. Bookwalter)
Moog (Hans Fjellestad)
Kill Them All and Come Back Alone (Enzo G. Castellari)
Shrooms (Paddy Breathnach)
Detonator Orgun (Masami Obari)
Nightmare City (Umberto Lenzi)
Empire (Edouard Salier)
Electronic Performers [By Air] (Laurent Bourdoiseau, Arnaud Ganzerli & Jerome Blanquet, 2004)
We Have Decided Not To Die (Daniel Askill, 2004)
Park Foot Ball (Grant Orchard, 2006)
Jack Nicolson [By Bloodthirsty Butchers] (Ishibashi Mitsyuki and Osada Yuko, 2004)
Empire (Edouard Salier, 2005)
Digital Breath (Eric Cruz, 2004)
Loop Pool (Daiki Aizawa, 2004)
Hitchcock – The Phoenix Foundation (Reuben Sutherland, 2005)
Sometimes (Pleix, 2003)
The Eel (Dominic Hailstone, 2005)
Watermelon Love (Joji Koyama, 2004)
Le Sens de la Vie (Bernard Stulzaft, 2004)
Catwalk (Kitada Shin, 2004)
Girls [By The Prodigy] (Mat Cook and Julian House/Intro, 2004)
Dogs [Baby Dog/Sex Shop/Sound Studio] (12foot6, 2004)
Pemmikan (Nakd, 2005)
The Shouty Track [By Lemon Jelly] (Airside, 2005)
Ex-Fat Girl (Nagi Noda, 2004)
In The Name of the King – A Dungeon Siege Tale (Uwe Boll)
The Devil Made Me Do It (George Ratliff, 1999)
Volcano High (Kim Tae-Gyun)
Lupo The Butcher (Danny Antonucci)
The Dirdy Birdy (John R. Dilworth)
Son of Bambi Meets Godzilla (Eric Fernandes)
Siren’s Kiss (Edward Holzman)
Monster Man (Michael Davis)
Boogiepop Phantom (Takashi Watanabe, 2000)
A Little Death (Sam Taylor-Wood)
Ursula (Lloyd Michael Williams)
Self Portrait (Osamu Tezuka)
Manhunt aka. Rovdyr (Patrik Syversen, 2008)
Unrequited Love (Chris Petit)
Tarts and Flowers (Bill Tytla)
Electronics in the World of Tomorrow (Erkki Kurenniemi)
The Language of Love aka. Karlekens Sprak (Torgny Wickman)
Black Venus (Claude Mulot)
Obscene: Portrait of Barney Rosset and Grove Press (Neil Ortenberg and Daniel O’Conner)
The Harmonium In My Memory (Lee Young-jae)
The Pamela Principle (Paul Thomas)
Lucky Star (Yutaka Yamamoto and Yasuhiro Takemoto)
Lucky Star: Original na Visual to Animation (Yasuhiro Takemoto)
Violence Jack: Evil Town (Ichiro Itano) [Edited Version]
Violence Jack: Hell’s Wind (Takuya Wada) [Edited Version]
Violence Jack: Slumking (Ichiro Itano) [Edited Version]
Shigurui: Death Frenzy (Hirotsugu Hamazaki)
The Kiss (Thomas Edison, 1900)
Kusama’s Self-Obliteration (Jud Yalkut)
Jukebox (Run Wrake)
My Name Is Modesty (Scott Spiegel)
Seasons Greetings (Phil Mulloy, 1999)
Has Anyone Seen My Gal? (Douglas Sirk)
(Edgar Allan Poe’s) Buried Alive (Gerard Kikoine)
Tomorrow Night In London (N/A, 1969)
Carousella (John Irvin)
Sci-Fighters (Peter Svatek)
The Spy’s Wife (Gerry O’Hara)
Black Angel 2 (Takashi Ishii)
Def Con 4 (Paul Donovan, Digby Cook & Tony Randel)
Something, Something, Something, Dark Side (Dominic Polcino)
Crack Dog (Casey Kehoe)
Don’t Nag Me (Tim Healy & Gino Panaro)
Bowl of Oatmeal (Matthew Bezanis, Lawrence Gise, Leslie Hucko, Dietmar Post, David White & Hsia-Huey Wu)
Principles of Karma (Craig Wallace)
TC2000 (T.J. Scott, 1993)
Antibody (Christian McIntire, 2002)
Cyborg Cop (San Firstenberg, 1993)
Cyborg Cop 2 (San Firstenberg, 1994)
Help To Build A Home (D.E. Braham, 1920)
Ha! Ha! Ha! (Dave Fleischer, 1934)
Parlez Vous Woo (Izzy Sparber, 1956)
How To Play Football (1944)
B.E.I.N.G (Nick Vallelonga, 2005)
Virus (Kinji Fukasaku, 1980)
Cupid Gets His Man (Tom Palmer, 1936)
Opening Night (Mannie Davis, 1933)
Satan’s Baby Doll (Mario Bianchi, 1982)
Admiral Cigarette (William Heise & Thomas A. Edison, 1897)
Rebel Rabbit ((Dir. Robert McKimson, 1949)

Total Number of Films Seen = 502


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You've got about 4 more months this year! 200 more movies?

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Holy cow, this is a long list! How many movies do you watch a day? I wish I could compete!