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by kyeo
2016 – lumiere! (thierry fermaux, france) ▪ nocturnal animals (tom ford, usa) ▪ jackie (pablo larrain, chile) ▪ neruda (pablo larrain, chile) ▪ quo vado? (gennaro nunziante, italy) ▪ la la land (damien chazelle, usa) 2015 – KNIGHT OF CUPS. terrence malick. usa. ▪ the revenant (alejandro g. inarritu, mexico) ▪ mad max: fury road (george miller, australia) ▪ our little sister – 海街diary (hirokazu kore-eta, japan) ▪ sweet red bean paste – あん (naomi kawasaki, japan, 2015) ▪ the lobster (yorgos lanthimos, greece) ▪ mistress america (noah baumbach, usa) ▪ inside out (peter docter, usa, 2015) ▪ macbeth (justin kurzel, australia) ▪ heart of the… Read more

2016 – lumiere! (thierry fermaux, france)

▪ nocturnal animals (tom ford, usa)
▪ jackie (pablo larrain, chile)
▪ neruda (pablo larrain, chile)
▪ quo vado? (gennaro nunziante, italy)
▪ la la land (damien chazelle, usa)

2015 - KNIGHT OF CUPS. terrence malick. usa.

▪ the revenant (alejandro g. inarritu, mexico)
▪ mad max: fury road (george miller, australia)
▪ our little sister – 海街diary (hirokazu kore-eta, japan)
▪ sweet red bean paste – あん (naomi kawasaki, japan, 2015)
▪ the lobster (yorgos lanthimos, greece)
▪ mistress america (noah baumbach, usa)
▪ inside out (peter docter, usa, 2015)
▪ macbeth (justin kurzel, australia)
▪ heart of the sea (ron howard, usa)

2014 - CLOUDS OF SILS MARIA. olivier assayas. france.

▪ a pigeon sat on a branch reflecting on existence (roy andersson, sweden)
▪ nightcrawler (dan gilroy, usa)
▪ mommy (xavier dolan, canada)
▪ birdman: or (the unexpected virtue of ignorance) (alejandro g. inarritu, mexico)
▪ le meraviglie (alice rohrwacher, italy)
▪ welcome to new york (abel ferrara, usa)
▪ relatos selvajes (damian szifron, argentina)
▪ two days, one night (jean-pierre dardenne, luc dardenne, belgium)
▪ il giovane favoloso (mario marrone, italy)

2013 - NYMPHOMANIAC. lars von trier. denmark.

▪ under the skin (jonathan glazer, united kingdom)
▪ la grande bellezza (paolo sorrentino, italy)
▪ only lovers left alive (jim jarmusch, usa)
▪ venus in fur (roman polanski, poland/france)
▪ a field in england (ben wheatley, united kingdom)
▪ ida (pawel pawlikowski, poland)
▪ nebraska (alexander payne, usa)
▪ her (spike jonze, usa)
▪ locke (steven knight, united kingdom)

2012 - HOLY MOTORS. leos carax. france.

▪ pieta (kim ki duk, south korea)
▪ in another country (hong sang-soo. south korea)
▪ the lords of salem (rob zombie, usa)
▪ the master (paul thomas anderson, usa)
▪ frankenweenie (tim burton, usa)
▪ the act of killing (joshua oppenheimer, christine cyan, usa)
▪ prometheus (ridley scott, united kingdom)
▪ cosmopolis (david cronenberg, canada)
▪ bassa marea – low tide (roberto minervini, italy)

2011 - FAUST. aleksandr sokurov. russia.

▪ the tree of life (terrence malick, usa)
▪ the turin horse (bela tarr, hungary)
▪ alpeis (yorgos lanthimos, greece)
▪ pina (wim wenders, germany)
▪ hugo cabret (martin scorsese, usa)
▪ pearl jam twenty (cameron crowe, usa)
▪ melancholia (lars von trier, denmark)
▪ io sono li (andrea segre, italy)
▪ le havre (aki kaurismaki, finland)

2010 - FILM SOCIALISME. jean-luc godard. france.

▪ biutiful (alejandro gonzales inarritu, mexico)
▪ the illusionist (sylvain chomet, france)
▪ another year (mike leigh, united kingdom)
▪ 127 hours (danny boyle, united kingdom)
▪ black venus (abdellatif kechiche, tunisia/france)
▪ submarine (richard ayoade, united kingdom)
▪ exit through the gift shop (banksy, united kingdom)
▪ the kids are all right (lisa cholodenko, usa)
▪ road to nowhere (monte hellman, usa)

2009 - CASTAWAY ON THE MOON. lee hae-jun, south korea

▪ dogtooth (yorgos lanthimos, greece)
▪ inglorious basterds (quentin tarantino, usa)
▪ the white ribbon (michael haneke, austria)
▪ looking for eric (ken loach, united kingdom)
▪ fantastic mr. fox (wes anderson, usa)
▪ the prophet (jacques audiard, france)
▪ the bad lieutenant: port of call – new orleans (werner herzog, germany)
▪ valhalla rising (nicolas winding refn, denmark)
▪ moon (duncan jones, united kingdom)

2008 - THE BEACHES OF AGNES. agnes varda. france.

▪ la frontiere de l’aube (philippe garrel, france)
▪ the chaser (na hong-jin, south korea)
▪ be kind rewind (michel gondry, france)
▪ let the right one in (tomas alfredson, sweden)
▪ che (steven soderbergh, usa)
▪ tokyo! (bong joon-ho, leos carax, michel gondry)
▪ bronson (nicolas winding refn, denmark)
▪ tulpan (sergei dvortsevoy, kazakhstan)
▪ wall•e (andrew stanton, usa)

2007 - THE MAN FROM LONDON. bela tarr. hungary.

▪ there will be blood (paul thomas anderson, usa)
▪ no country for oldmen (coen bros, usa)
▪ heima (dean deblois)
▪ before the devil knows you’re dead (sidney lumet, usa)
▪ into the wild (sean penn, usa)
▪ you, the living (roy andersson, sweden)
▪ i’m not there (todd haynes, usa)
▪ cous cous (abdellatif kechiche, tunisia)
▪ 4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days (christian mungiu, romania)

2006 - THE SCIENCE OF SLEEP. michel gondry. france.

▪ private fears in public places (alain resnais, france)
▪ scoop (woody allen, usa)
▪ inside man (spike lee, usa)
▪ woman on the beach (hong san-soo, south korea)
▪ this is england (shane meadows, united kingdom)
▪ rescue dawn (wener herzog, germany)
▪ pan’s labyrinth (guillermo del toro, mexico)
▪ marie antoinette (sofia coppola, usa)
▪ inland empire (david lynch, usa)

2005 - REGULAR LOVERS. philippe garrel. france.

▪ match point (woody allen, usa)
▪ no direction home (martin scorsese, usa)
▪ broken flowers (jim jarmusch, usa)
▪ the bow (kim ki-duk, south korea)
▪ lady vengeance (park chan-wook, south korea)
▪ capote (bennett miller, usa)
▪ the devil’s rejects (rob zombie, usa)
▪ the child (luc & jean pierre dardenne, belgium)
▪ a history of violence (david cronenberg, canada)

2004 - KILL BILL VOL. II. quentin tarantino. usa

▪ the life aquatic with steve zissou (wes anderson, usa)
▪ 2046 (wong kar wai, china)
▪ the white diamond (werner herzog, germany)
▪ fahrenheit 9/11 (michael moore, usa)
▪ vera drake (michael leigh, united kingdom)
▪ 3-iron (kim ki-duk, south korea)
▪ collateral (michael mann, usa)
▪ the flying daggers forest (zhang yimou, china)
▪ breaking news (johnnie to, hong kong)

2003 - SPRING, SUMMER, FALL, WINTERAND SPRING. kim ki-duk. south korea.

▪ saraband (ingmar bergman, sweden)
▪ dogville (lars von trier, denmark)
▪ kill bill vol. 1 (quentin tarantino, usa)
▪ the dreamers (bernardo bertolucci, italy)
▪ good bye lenin (wolfgang becker, germany)
▪ the triplets of belleville (sylvain chomet, france)
▪ the blind swordsman: zatoichi (takeshi kitano, japan)
▪ l’esquivè (adbellatif kechiche, tunisy)
▪ filme de amor (julio bressane, brazil)

2002 - RUSSIAN ARK. aleksandr sokurov. russia.

▪ dolls (takeshi kitano, japan)
▪ l’imbalsamatore (matteo garrone, italy)
▪ a snake of june (shinya tsukamoto, japan)
▪ spider (david cronenberg, canada)
▪ los lunes al sol (fernando leon de aranoa, spain)
▪ the man without a past (aki kaurismaki, finland)
▪ the son (luc & jean pierre dardenne, belgium)
▪ les jours où je n’existe pas (jean charles fitoussi, france)
▪ bowling a columbine (michael moore, usa)

2001 - MULHOLLAND DRIVE. david lynch. usa.

▪ eloge de l’amour (jean-luc godard, france)
▪ the royal tenenbaums (wes anderson, usa)
▪ va savoir (jacques rivette, france)
▪ the man who wasn’t there (coen bros, usa)
▪ pistol opera (seijun suzuki, japan)
▪ y tu mama también (alfonso cuaron, mexico)
▪ la pianiste (michael haneke, austria)
▪ amelie (jeanne pierre jeunet, france)
▪ lucia y el sexo (julio medem, spain)

2000 - IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE. wong kar wai. china.

▪ amores perros (alejandro gonzalez inarritu, mexico)
▪ dancer in the dark (lars von trier, denmark)
▪ estate romana (matteo garrone, italy)
▪ songs from the second floor (roy andersson, sweden)
▪ the werckmeister harmonies (bela tarr, hungary)
▪ sexy beast (jonathan glazer, united kingdom)
▪ traffic (steven soderbergh, usa)
▪ almost famous (cameron crowe, usa)
▪ billy elliot (stephen daldry, united kingdom)

1999 - GHOST DOG. jim jarmusch. usa.

▪ angela’s ashes (alan parker, united kingdom)
▪ the straight story (david lynch, usa)
▪ american beauty (sam mendes, usa)
▪ moloch (aleksandr sokurov, russia)
▪ my best fiend – klaus kinski (werner herzog, germany)
▪ eyes wide shut (stanley kubrick, usa)
▪ being john malkovich (spike jonze, usa)
▪ magnolia (paul thomas anderson, usa)
▪ kikujiro (takeshi kitano, japan)

1998 - THE THIN RED LINE. terrence malick. usa

▪ buffalo ’66 (vincent gallo, usa)
▪ the big lebowsky (coen bros, usa)
▪ fear & loath in in las vegas (terry gillian, united kingdom)
▪ the truman show (peter weir, usa)
▪ rushmore (wes anderson, usa)
▪ enemy of the state (tony scott, united kingdom)
▪ saving private ryan (steven spielberg, usa)
▪ festen (thomas vinterberg, denmark)
▪ bullet ballet (shinya tsukamoto, japan)

1997 - LA VITA è BELLA. roberto benigni. italy

▪ regarde la mer (francois ozon, france)
▪ jackie brown (quentin tarantino, usa)
▪ funny games (michael haneke, austria)
▪ lolita (adrian lyne, united kingdom)
▪ deconstructing harry (woody allen, usa)
▪ in the presence of a clown (ingmar bergman, sweden)
▪ taste of cherry (abbas kiarostami, iran)
▪ titanic (james cameron, usa)
▪ the brave (johnny depp, usa)

1996 - THE PILLOW BOOK. peter greenaway. united kingdom

▪ breaking the waves (lars von trier, denmark)
▪ hamlet (kenneth branagh, united kingdom)
▪ trainspotting (danny boyle, united kingdom)
▪ drifting clouds (aki kaurismaki, finland)
▪ secrets & lies (mike leigh, united kingdom)
▪ fargo (coen bros, usa)
▪ kids return (takeshi kitano, japan)
▪ box of moonlight (tom dicillo, usa)
▪ the english patient (anthony minghella, united kingdom)

1995 - DEAD MAN. jim jarmusch. usa.

▪ seven (david fincher, usa)
▪ tokyo fist (shin’ya tsukamoto, japan)
▪ maborosi (hirokazu koreeda, japan)
▪ rendezvous in paris (eric rohmer, france)
▪ sostiene pereira (roberto faenza, italy)
▪ the addiction (abel ferrara, usa)
▪ the basketball diaries (scott kalvert, usa)
▪ lo zio di brooklyn (ciprì e maresco, italy)
▪ nick of time (john badham, usa)

1994 - SATANTANGO. bela tarr. hungary.

▪ leon (luc besson, france)
▪ forrest gump (robert zemeckis, usa)
▪ chungking express (wong kar wai, china)
▪ ed wood (tim burton, usa)
▪ pulp fiction (quentin tarantino, usa)
▪ death and the maiden (roman polanski, poland)
▪ take care of your scarf, tatjana (aki kaurismaki, finland)
▪ legends of the falls (edward zwick, usa)
▪ jlg/jlg self-portrait in december (jean luc godard, france)

1993 - THREE COLORS: BLUE. krzysztof kieslowsky, poland.

▪ je vous salue, sarajevo (jean luc godard, short, france)
▪ manhattan murder mystery (woody allen, usa)
▪ what’s eating gilbert grape (lasse hallstrom, sweden)
▪ sonatine (takeshi kitano, japan)
▪ short cuts (robert altman, usa)
▪ caro diario (nanni moretti, italy)
▪ mrs. doubtfire (chris columbus, usa)

1992 - LA VIE DE BOHEME. aki kaurismaki. finland

▪ reservoir dogs (quentin tarantino, usa)
▪ twin peaks: fire walk with me (david lynch, usa)
▪ porco rosso (hayao miyazaki, japan)
▪ filmarilyn (paolo gioli, short, italy)
▪ scent of a woman (martin brest, usa)
▪ home alone 2: lost in new york (chris columbus, usa)
▪ dracula (francis ford coppola, usa)

1991 - LES AMANTS DU PONT NEUF. leos carax. france

▪ night on earth (jim jarmusch, usa)
▪ my own private idaho (gus van sant, usa)
▪ scene at the sea (takeshi kitano, japan)
▪ europa (lars von trier, denmark)
▪ the double life of veronique (krzysztof kieslowsky, poland)
▪ la belle noiseuse (jacques rivette, france)
▪ johnny stecchino (roberto benigni, italy)
▪ shadows and fog (woody allen, usa)
▪ point break (kathryn bigelow, usa)

1990 - TWIN PEAKS. david lynch. usa

▪ the goodfellas (martin scorsese, usa)
▪ home alone (chris columbus, usa)
▪ edward scissorhands (tim burton, usa)
▪ wild at heart (david lynch, usa)
▪ the sheltering sky (bernardo bertolucci, italy)
▪ porte aperte (gianni amelio, italy)
▪ akira kurosawa’s dreams (akira kurosawa, japan)
▪ back to the future part III (robert zemeckis, usa)
▪ miller’s crossing (coen bros, usa)

1989 - MYSTERY TRAIN. jim jarmusch. usa

▪ drugstore cowboy (gus van sant, usa)
▪ back to the future part II (robert zemeckis, usa)
▪ crimes and misdemeanors (woody allen, usa)
▪ kiki’s delivery service (hayao miyazaki, japan)
▪ dead poets society (peter weir, usa)
▪ palombella rossa (nanni moretti, italy)
▪ violent cop (takeshi kitano, japan)
▪ leningrad cowboys go america (aki kaurismaki, finland)
▪ santa sangre (alejandro jodorowsky, mexico)

1988 - NUOVO CINEMA PARADISO. giuseppe tornatore. italy

▪ alice (jan svankmajer, czechoslovakia)
▪ a short film about killing (krzysztof kieslowsky, poland)
▪ landscape in the mist (theo angelopoulos, greece)
▪ damnation (bela tarr, hungary)
▪ ariel (aki kaurismaki, finland)
▪ who framed roger rabbit (robert zemeckis, usa)
▪ frantic (roman polanski, poland)
▪ coming to america (john landis, usa)
▪ another woman (woody allen, usa)

1987 - FULL METAL JACKET. stanley kubrick. usa

▪ babette’s feast (gabriel axel, denmark)
▪ au revoir les enfants (louis malle, france)
▪ the last emperor (bernardo bertolucci, italy)
▪ l’amie de mon amie (eric rohmer, france)
▪ robocop (paul verhoeven, usa)
▪ the untouchables (brian de palma, usa)
▪ wall street (oliver stone, usa)

1986 - THE SACRIFICE. andrei tarkovsky. russia

▪ mauvais sang (leos carax, france)
▪ down by law (jim jarmusch, usa)
▪ blue velvet (david lynch, usa)
▪ the green ray (eric rohmer, france)
▪ hanna & her sisters (woody allen, usa)
▪ ginger & fred (federico fellini, italy)
▪ the color of money (martin scorsese, usa)

1985 - VAGABOND. agnes varda. belgium/france

▪ ran (akira kurosawa, japan)
▪ back to the future (robert zemeckis, usa)
▪ after hours (martin scorsese, usa)
▪ brazil (terry gilliam, usa)
▪ mala noche (gus van sant, usa)
▪ tokyo-ga(wim wenders, germany)
▪ death of a salesman (volker schlöndorff, germany)
▪ the goonies (richard donner, usa)
▪ day of the dead (george a. romero, usa)

1984 - STRANGER THAN PARADISE. jim jarmusch. usa

▪ once upon a time in america (sergio leone, italy)
▪ broadway danny rose (woody allen, usa)
▪ boy meets girl (leos carax, france)
▪ blood simple (coen bros, usa)
▪ amadeus (milos forman, czech republic)
▪ non ci resta che piangere (roberto benigni/ massimo troisi, italy)
▪ 1984 (michael radford, united kingdom)
▪ bianca (nanni moretti, italy)
▪ the terminator (james cameron, usa)

1983 - NOSTALGHIA. andrei tarkovsky. russia

▪ l’argent (robert bresson, france)
▪ videodrome (david cronenberg, usa)
▪ pauline at the beach (eric rohmer, france)
▪ zelig (woody allen, usa)
▪ sans soleil (chris marker, france)
▪ merry christmas mr. lawrence (nagisa oshima, japan)
▪ first name: carmen (jean luc godard, france)
▪ scarface (brian de palma, usa)
▪ christine (john carpenter, usa)

1982 - FANNY & ALEXANDER. ingmar bergman. sweden

▪ fitzcarraldo (werner herzog, germany)
▪ blade runner (ridley scott, united kingdom)
▪ veronika voss (reiner werner fassbinder, germany)
▪ the wall (alan parker, united kingdom)
▪ a midsummer night’s sex comedy (woody allen, usa)
▪ e.t. the extra-terrestrial (steven spielberg, usa)
▪ the thing (john carpenter, usa)
▪ scenario du film passion (jean luc godard, france)
▪ tootsie (sydney pollack, usa)

1981 - CHRISTIANE F.. uli edel. germany

▪ thief (michael mann, usa)
▪ il marchese del grillo (mario monicelli, italy)
▪ gallipoli (peter weir, australia)
▪ lola (rainer werner fassbinder, germany)
▪ le pont du nord (jaques rivette, france)
▪ blind chance (krzysztof kieslowsky, poland)
▪ blow out (brian de palma, usa)
▪ ms. 45 (abel ferrara, usa)
▪ la tragedia di un uomo ridicolo (bernardo bertolucci, italy)

1980 - THE SHINING. stanley kubrick. usa

▪ raging bull (martin scorsese, usa)
▪ kagemusha (akira kurosawa, japan)
▪ the elephant man (david lynch, usa)
▪ stardust memories (woody allen, usa)
▪ the last metro (francois truffaut, france)
▪ lightning over water (nicholas ray, wim wenders)
▪ the blues brothers (john landis, usa)
▪ permanent vacation (jim jarmusch, usa)
▪ gloria (john cassavetes, usa)

1979 - STALKER. andrei tarkovsky. russia

▪ apocalypse now (francis ford coppola, usa)
▪ manhattan (woody allen, usa)
▪ tess (roman polanski, poland)
▪ vengeance is mine (shohei imamura, japan)
▪ woyzeck (werner herzog, germany)
▪ quadrophenia (franc roddam, united kingdom)
▪ ogro (gillo pontecrovo, italy)
▪ alien (ridley scott, united kingdom)
▪  camera buff (krzysztof kieslowsky, poland)

1978 - L’ALBERO DEGLI ZOCCOLI. ermanno olmi. italy

▪ days of heaven (terrence malick, usa)
▪ amleto (carmelo bene, italy)
▪ autumn sonata (ingmar bergman, sweden)
▪ in a year with 13 moons (rainer werner fassbinder, germany(
▪ ecce bombo (nanni moretti, italy)
▪ despair (rainer werner fassbinder, germany)
▪ the deer hunter (michael cimino, usa)
▪ halloween (john carpenter, usa)
▪ the green room (francois truffaut, france)

1977 - OPENING NIGHT. john cassavetes. usa

▪ the devil, probably (robert bresson, france)
▪ the duellist (ridley scott, united kingdom)
▪ annie hall (woody allen, usa)
▪ eraserhead (david lynch, usa)
▪ un borghese piccolo piccolo (mario monicelli, italy)
▪ una giornata particolare (ettore scola, italy)
▪ the man who loved women (francois truffaut, france)
▪ stroszek (werner herzog, germany)
▪ star wars: episode IV – a new hope (george lucas, usa)

1976 - NOVECENTO. bernardo bertolucci. italy

▪ the killing of a chinese bookie (john cassavetes, usa)
▪ taxi driver (martin scorsese, usa)
▪ l’argent de poche (francois truffaut, france)
▪ the tenant (roman polanski, poland)
▪ the ascent (larisa shepitko, ukraine)
▪ il casanova di federico fellini (federico fellini, italy)
▪ the front (martin ritt, usa)
▪ heart of glass (werner herzog, germany)
▪ the man who fell to earth (nicolas roeg, united kingdom)

1975 - SALO’ O LE 120 GIORNATE DI SODOMA. pier paolo pasolini.

▪ professione reporter (michelangelo antonioni, italy)
▪ barry lyndon (stanley kubrick, usa)
▪ the mirror (andrei tarkovsky, russia)
▪ jaws (steven spielberg, usa)
▪ one flew over the cooku’s nest (milos forman)
▪ love and death (woody allen, usa)
▪ dersu uzala (akira kurosawa, japan)
▪ amici miei (mario monicelli, italy)
▪ dog day (sidney lumet, usa)

1974 - A WOMAN UNDER THE INFLUENCE. john cassavetes. usa

▪ the godfather: part II (francis ford coppola, usa)
▪ lacombe lucien (louis malle, france)
▪ alice in the cities (wim wenders, germany)
▪ arabian nights (pier paolo pasolini, italy)
▪ conversation piece (luchino visconti, italy)
▪ chinatown (roman polanski)
▪ california split (robert altman, usa)
▪ swept away (lina wertmuller, italy)
▪ lancelot du lac (robert bresson, france)

1973 - LA MAMAN ET LA PUTAIN. jean eustache. france

▪ badlands (terrence malick, usa)
▪ the long goodbye (robert altman, usa)
▪ love & anarchy (lina wertmuller, italy)
▪ la grande abbuffata (marco ferreri, italy)
▪ the spirit of the beehive (victor erice, spain)
▪ amarcord (federico fellini, italy)
▪ the exorcist (william fried kin, usa)
▪ pat garrett & billy the kid (sam peckinpah, usa)
▪ day for night (francois truffaut, france)

1972 - CRIES AND WHISPERS. ingmar bergman. sweden

▪ ultimo tango a parigi (bernardo bertolucci, italy)
▪ aguirre the wrath of god (werner herzog, germany
▪ fat city (john huston, usa)
▪ solaris (andrei tarkovsky, russia)
▪ frenzy (alfred hitchcock, united kingdom)
▪ the godfather (francis ford coppola, usa)
▪ papal audience (marco ferreri, italy)
▪ avanti! (billy wilder, usa)
▪ tout va bien (jean luc godard, france)

1971 - MORTE A VENEZIA. luchino visconti. italy

▪ two lane black top (monte hellman, usa)
▪ the last picture show (peter bogdanovich, usa)
▪ minnie & moskowitz (joh cassavetes, usa)
▪ a clock work orange (stanley kubrick, usa)
▪ sacco e vanzetti (giuliano montaldo, italy)
▪ bananas (woody allen, usa)
▪ willy wonka & the chocolate factory (mel stuart, usa)
▪ trafic (jacques tati, france)
▪ the french connection (william friedkin, usa)


▪ don giovanni (carmelo bene, italy)
▪ does’ka-den (akira kurosawa, japan)
▪ deep end (jerzy skolimovsky)
▪ husbands (john cassavetes, usa)
▪ the things of life (claude sautet, france)
▪ zabriskie point (michelangelo antonioni, italy)
▪ il conformista (bernardo bertolucci, italy)
▪ the private life of sherlock holmes (billy wilder, usa)
▪ le cercle rouge (jean pierre melville, france)

1969 - DILLINGER IS DEAD. marco ferreri. italy

▪ porcile (pier paolo pasolini, italy)
▪ my night at maud’s (eric rohmer, france)
▪ go go second time virgin (koji wakamatsu, japan)
▪ the damned (luchino visconti, italy)
▪ cardillac (edgar reitz, germany)
▪ the wild bunch (sam peckinpah, usa)
▪ army of shadows (jean-pierre melville, france)
▪ easy rider (dennis hopper, usa)
▪ love is colder than death (rainer werner fassbinder, germany)

1968 - 2001: A SPACE ODISSEY. stanley kubrick. usa

▪ rosemary’s baby (roman polanski, poland/usa)
▪ faces (john cassavetes, usa)
▪ night of the living dead (george a. romero, usa)
▪ planet of the apes (franklin j. schaffner, usa)
▪ the bride wore black (francois truffaut, france)
▪ profound desires of the gods (shohei imamura, japan)
▪ hell in the pacific (john boorman, usa)
▪ sympathy for the devil (jean luc godard, france)
▪ spirits of the dead (roger vadim, louis malle, federico fellini)

1967 - PLAYTIME. jaques tati. france

▪ mouchette (robert bresson, france)
▪ don’t look back (d. a. pennebaker, usa)
▪ la collectionneuse (eric rohmer, france)
▪ guess who’s coming to dinner (stanley kramer, usa)
▪ belle de jour (luis bunuel, spain)
▪ la chinoise (jean luc godard, france)
▪ in cold blood (richard brooks, usa)
▪ le samourai (jean pierre melville, france)
▪ the graduate (mike nichols, usa)

1966 - PERSONA. ingmar bergman. sweden

▪ andrei rublev (andrei tarkovsky, russia)
▪ trans-europ-express (alain robbe-grillet, france)
▪ blow up (michelangelo antonioni, italy)
▪ battle of algiers (gillo pontecorvo, italy)
▪ au hasard balthazar (robert bresson, france)
▪ masculin femenin (jean luc godard, france)
▪ fahrenheit 451 (francois truffaut, france)
▪ the shooting (monte hellman, usa)
▪ made in usa (jean luc godard, france)

1965 - PIERROT LE FOU. jean luc godard. france

▪ intimate lighting (ivan passer, czech republic)
▪ i pugni in tasca (marco bellocchio, italy)
▪ giulietta degli spiriti (federico fellini, italy)
▪ le bonheur (agnes varda, france)
▪ for a few dollars more (sergio leone, italy)
▪ ride in the whirlwind (monte hellman, usa)
▪ affairs within walls (koji wakamatsu, japan)
▪ story of a prostitute (seijun suzuki, japan)
▪ ride in the whirlwind (monte hellman, usa)

1964 - BANDE A PART. jean luc godard. france

▪ the gospel according to st. matthew (pier paolo pasolini, italy)
▪ fail safe (sidney lumet, usa)
▪ dr.strangelove (stanley kubrick, usa)
▪ seduced and abandoned (pietro germi, italy)
▪ red desert (michelangelo antonioni, italy)
▪ a married woman (jean luc godard, france)
▪ mary poppins (robert stevenson, united kingdom)
▪ intentions of murder (shohei imamura, japan)
▪ the soft skin (francois truffaut, usa)

1963 - 8 E MEZZO. federico fellini. italy

▪ the silence (ingmar bergman, sweden)
▪ le mepris (jean luc godard, france)
▪ la rabbia (pier paolo pasolini, italy)
▪ le petit soldat (jean luc godard)
▪ irma la douce (billy wilder, usa)
▪ the birds (alfred hitchcock, united kingdom)
▪ il demonio (brunello rondi, italy)
▪ chi lavora è perduto (tinto brass, italy)
▪ mani sulla città (francesco rosi, italy)

1962 - JULES ET JIM. francois truffaut. france

▪ vivre sa vie (jean luc godard, france)
▪ cleo from 5 to 7 (agnes varda, france)
▪ l’eclisse (michelangelo antonioni, italy)
▪ la jetee (chris marker, france)
▪ mamma roma (pier paolo pasolini, italy)
▪ ivan’s childhood (andrei tarkovsky, russia)
▪ il sorpasso (dino risi, italy)
▪ la commare secca (bernardo bertolucci, italy)
▪ salvatore giuliano (franceso rosi, italy)

1961 - LAST YEAR AT MARIENBAD. alain resnais. france

▪ la notte (michelangelo antonioni, italy)
▪ viridiana (luis bunuel, spain)
▪ accattone (pier paolo pasolini, italy)
▪ through a glass darkly (ingmar bergman, sweden)
▪ banditi a orgosolo (vittorio de seta, italy)
▪ the steamroller and the violin (andrei tarkovsky, russia)
▪ il federale (luciano salce, italy)
▪ pigs & battleships (shohei imamura, japan)
▪ the misfits (john huston, usa)

1960 - A BOUT DE SOUFFLE. jean-luc godard. france

▪ la dolce vita (federico fellini, italy)
▪ psycho (alfred hitchcock, united kingdom)
▪ l’avventura (michelangelo antonioni, italy)
▪ the virgin spring (ingmar bergman, sweden)
▪ the apartment (billy wilder, usa)
▪ shoot the piano player (francois truffaut, france)
▪ eyes without a face (georges franju, france)
▪ spartacus (stanley kubrick, usa)
▪ the fugitive kind (sidney lumet, usa)

1959 - HIROSHIMA MON AMOUR. alain resnais. france

▪ the 400 blows (francois truffaut, france)
▪ anatomy of a murder (otto preminger, usa)
▪ good morning (yasujiro ozu, japan)
▪ odss against tomorrow (robert wise, usa)
▪ north by northwest (alfred hitchcock, united kingdom)
▪ shadows (john cassavetes, usa)
▪ some like it hot (billy wilder, usa)
▪ two men in manhattan (jeanne-pierre melville, france)
▪ il generale della rovere (roberto rossellini, italy)

1958 - MON ONCLE. jaques tati. france

▪ vertigo (alfred hitchcock, united kingdom)
▪ touch of evil (orson welles, usa)
▪ brink of life (ingmar bergman, sweden)
▪ equinox flower (yasujiro ozu, japan)
▪ i soliti ignoti (mario monicelli, italy)
▪ l’uomo di paglia (pietro germi, italy)
▪ look back in anger (tony richardson, united kingdom)
▪ the hidden fortress (akira kurosawa, japan)
▪ party girl (nicholas ray, usa)

1957 - A KING IN NEW YORK. charles chaplin. united kingdom

▪ the seventh seal (ingmar bergman, sweden)
▪ tokyo twilight (yasujiro ozu, japan)
▪ love in the afternoon (billy wilder, usa)
▪ paths of glory (stanley kubrick, usa)
▪ witness for the prosecution (billy wilder, usa)
▪ wild strawberries (ingmar bergman, sweden)
▪ elevator to the gallows (louis malle, france)
▪ le notti bianche (luchino visconti, italy)
▪ the spirit of st. louis (billy wilder, usa)

1956 - A MAN ESCAPED. robert bresson. france

▪ giant (george stevens, usa)
▪ early spring ( yasujito ozu, japan)
▪ the wrong man (alfred hitchcock, united kingdom)
▪ the killing (stanley kubrick, usa)
▪ invasion of the body snatchers (don siegel, usa)
▪ the man who knew too much (alfred hitchcock, united kingdom)
▪ aparajito (satyajit ray, india)
▪ beyond a reasonable doubt (fritz lang)
▪ while the city sleeps (fritz lang)

1955 - REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE. nicholas ray. usa

▪ diabolique (henry-georges clouzot, france)
▪ la pointe courte (agnes varda, france)
▪ pather panchali (satyajit ray, india)
▪ dreams (ingmar bergman, sweden)
▪ to catch a thief (alfred hitchcock, united kingdom)
▪ east of eden (elia kazan, usa)
▪ the seven year itch (billy wilder, usa)
▪ the night of the hunter (charles laughton, usa)
▪ il bidone (federico fellini, italy)

1954 - SEVEN SAMURAI. akira kurosawa. japan

▪ rear window (alfred hitchcock, united kingdom)
▪ on the waterfront (elia kazan, usa)
▪ dial m for murder (alfred hitchcock, united kingdom)
▪ ゴジラ – godzilla (ishiro honda, japan)
▪ sabrina (billy wilder, usa)
▪ viaggio in italia (roberto rossellini, italy)
▪ johnny guitar (nicholas ray, usa)
▪ paura (roberto rossellini, italy)
▪ creature from the black lagoon (jack arnold, usa)

1953 - TOKYO MONOGATARI. yasujiro ozu. japan

▪ stalag 17 (billy wilder, usa)
▪ summer with monika (ingmar bergman, sweden)
▪ sawdust and tinsel (ingmar bergman, sweden)
▪ i vinti (michelangelo antonioni, italy)
▪ the big heat (fritz lang)
▪ the wages of fear (henry-georges clouzot, france)
▪ i vitelloni (federico fellini, italy)
▪ fear and desire (stanley kubrick, usa)
▪ les vacances de monsieur hulot (jacques tati, france)

1952 - SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN. stanley donen & gene kelly. usa

▪ limelight (charles chaplin, usa)
▪ umberto d (vittorio de sica, italy)
▪ ikiru (akira kurusowa, japan)
▪ othello (orson welles, usa)
▪ europa ’51 (roberto rossellini, italy)
▪ the little world of don camillo (julien duvivier, italy)
▪ high noon (fred zinnemann, usa)
▪ il bandito di tacca del lupo (pietro germi, italy)
▪  i figli di nessuno (raffaello matarazzo, italy)

1951 - A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE. elia kazan. usa

▪ strangers on a train (alfred hitchcock, united kingdom)
▪ ace in the hole (billy wilder, usa)

1950 - SUNSET BOULEVARD. billy wilder. usa

▪ rashomon (akira kurosawa, japan)
▪ les enfants terribles (jean-pierre melville, france)
▪ stromboli (terra di dio) (roberto rossellini, italy)
▪ the asphalt jungle (john huston, usa)
▪ stage fright (alfred hitchcock, united kingdom)
▪ rio grande (john ford, usa)

1949 - STRAY DOG. akira kurosawa. japan

▪ the third man (carol reed, united kingdom)
▪ riso amaro (giuseppe de santis, italy)
▪ in nome della legge (pietro germi, italy)
▪ jour de fete (jaques tati, france)

1948 - LADRI DI BICICLETTE. vittorio de sica. italy

▪ germania anno zero (roberto rossellini, italy)
▪ a foreign affair (billy wilder, usa)
▪ rope (alfred hitchcock, united kingdom)
▪ red river (howard hawks, usa)
▪ drunken angel (akira kurosawa, japan)
▪ they live by night (nicholas ray, usa)
▪ meditation on violence (maya deren, usa)
▪ macbeth (orson welles, usa)

1947 - THE LADY FROM SHANGHAI. orson welles. usa

▪ dark passage (delmer daves, usa)
▪ a ship to india (ingmar bergman, sweden)
▪ quai des orfevres (henry-georges clouzot, france)
▪ monsieur verdoux (charles chaplin, usa)

1946 - PAISA’. roberto rossellini. italy

▪ notorious (alfred hitchcock, united kingdom)
▪ no regrets for our youth (akira kurosawa, japan)
▪ ritual in transfigured time (maya deren, usa)
▪ it rains on our love (ingmar bergman, sweden)
▪ the stranger (orson welles, usa)
▪ it’s a wonderful life (frank capra, usa)
▪ the big sleep (howard hawks, usa)
▪ the postman always rings twice (tay garnett, usa)

1945 - ROMA CITTA’ APERTA. roberto rossellini. italy

▪ the lost weekend (billy wilder, usa)
▪ spellbound (alfred hitchcock, united kingdom)
▪ the men who tread on the tiger’s tail (akira kurosawa, japan)

1944 - DOUBLE INDEMNITY. billy wilder. usa

▪ the woman in the window (fritz lang)
▪ at land (maya deren, usa)
▪ the most beautiful (akira kurosawa, japan)
▪ i bambini ci guardano (vittorio de sica, italy)

1943 - OSSESSIONE. luchino visconti. italy

▪ meshes of the afternoon (maya deren, usa)
▪ shadow of a doubt (alfred hitchcock, united kingdom)
▪ day of wrath (carl theodor dreyer, denmark)

1942 - THE MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS. orson welles. usa

▪ casablanca (michael curtiz, usa)

1941 - CITIZEN KANE. orson welles. usa

▪ the maltese falcon (john huston, usa)
▪ piccolo mondo antico (mario soldati, italy)
▪ suspicion (alfred hitchcock, united kingdom)

1940 - THE GREAT DICTATOR. charles chaplin. usa

▪ the grapes of wrath (john ford, usa)
▪ foreign correspondent (alfred hitchcock, united kingdom)
▪ rebecca (alfred hitchcock, united kingdom)
▪ his girl friday (howard hawks, usa)
▪ the shop around the corner (ernst lubitsch, usa)

1939 - STAGECOACH. john ford. usa

▪ ninotchka (ernst lubitsch, usa)
▪ wuthering heights (william wyler, usa) ▪

1938 - J’ACCUSE!. abel gance. france

▪ bringing up lady (howard hawks, usa)
▪ the lady vanishes (alfred hitchcok, united kingdom)
▪ angels with dirty faces (michael curtiz, usa)

1937 - LA GRANDE ILLUSION. jean renoir. france

1936 - MODERN TIMES. charles chaplin. usa.

▪ fury (fritz lang)

1935 - TONI. jean renoir. france

▪ aerograd (aleksandr dovzhenko)

1934 - L’ATALANTE. jean vigo. france

▪ three songs about lenin (dziga vertov, russia)
▪ it happened one night (frank capra, usa)
▪ mauvaise graine (billy wilder & alexander esway)

1933 - ZERO DE CONDUIT. jean vigo. france

▪ king kong (merian c. cooper & ernest b. schoedsack, usa)

1932 - I WAS BORN, BUT… . yasujiro ozu. japan

▪ freaks (tod browning, usa)
▪ vampyr (carl theodor dreyer, denmark)
▪ shanghai express (josef von sternberg, usa)

1931 - M. fritz lang. austria

▪ city lights (charles chaplin, usa)
▪ dracula (tod browning, karl freund, usa)
▪ tokyo chorus (yasujiro ozu, japan)
▪ enthusiasm (dziga vertov, russia)

1930 - A PROPOS DE NICE. jean vigo. france

▪ morocco (josef von sternberg, usa)
▪ l’age d’or (luis bunuel, spain)

1929 - UN CHIEN ANDALOU. luis bunuel. spain

1928 - THE PASSION OF JOAN OF ARC. carl theodor dreyer. denmark

▪ the circus (charles chaplin, usa)
▪ west of zanzibar (tod browning, usa)

1927 - METROPOLIS. fritz lang

1926 - THE GENERAL. buster keaton/clyde bruckman. usa

▪ the blackbird (tod browning, usa)

1925 - THE GOLD RUSH. charles chaplin. usa

▪ the unholy three (tod browning, usa)

1921 - THE KID. charles chaplin. usa

▪ the goat (buster keaton, malcom st. clair, usa)
▪ destiny (fritz lang, germany)

1920 - THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI. robert wiene. germany

1918 - SHOULDER ARMS. charles chaplin. usa

▪ a dog’s life (charles chaplin, usa)

1916 - INTOLERANCE. d.w. griffith. usa

1902 - LE VOYAGE DANS LA LUNE. georges melies. france

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