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Greece of Cinephile Dreams

By: Dimitri​s Psachos

A lot of silents and pre-1950 films are missing though I’ll have to use my detective skills to retrieve any picture or plot details for these, not to mention to actually view them myself! I need to write down an official introduction to Greek cinema one of these days.

I seriously doubt there’ll ever be a large share of the public that will not only decide to watch (come availability) many of the films listed but also appreciate their mastery and technique besides Angelopoulos’ (minor) popularity amidst the art-house crowd. I hope I’ll be introducing Greek cinema to broader audiences in the future, with restorations, festivals and not just failed domestic activities as is my case nowadays.

The more I keep adding films, the more I realize the lack of available titles, the minor popularity of Greek cinema and the unpredictable future of it. It seems that whenever academics decide to promote Greek cinema, the “unknown” past will be forgotten. I decided to remove plenty of films here that don’t represent the sheer force and masterful entity of Greek cinema e.g. Angelopoulos’ latest The Dust of Time or the popular cult hit Hardcore. I might bold some titles later on to show the ones that were omitted from the list.

For available Greek films on YouTube, check the videos below. I’m slowly building this for your appetite!

Note: 90% of the films below are clean-cut masterpieces! I welcome any suggestions.

Films that didn’t make the list:

Flash (Kotronis, 1984)
“Hardcore” (Iliadis, 2004)
Hostage (Giannaris, 2005)
What Is That? (Pilavios, 2007)
The Dust of Time (Angelopoulos, 2008)
Plato’s Academy

To Watch:

Magic City (Koundouros, 1954)
One Street Organ, One Life (Kapsaskis, 1958)
100 Hours of May (Theos, 1963)
Peppermint (Kapakas, 1999)
Homeland (Tzoumerkas, 2010)

To Submit

Eva (Plyta, 1953)
Nikos Koundouros
Peftoun oi sfaires san to halazi ki o travmatismenos kallitehnis anastenazei (Alevras, 1977)
Parangelia! (Tasios, 1980)
The Crossing (Eliopoulou, 1990)

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Notable directors: (to be continued)

Theodoros Angelopoulos, Tonia Marketaki, Nikos Papatakis

Τakis Kanellopoulos, Nikos Nikolaidis, Alexis Damianos

Costas Ferris, Sokrates Kapsaskis

Kostas Sfikas, Μihalis Kakogiannis

Frieda Liappa, Nikos Koundouros

Tassos Psarras, Roviros Manthoulis

Notable actors and actresses: (to be continued)

Ellie Lambeti, Dimitris Horn

Antonis Kafetzopoulos, Olia Lazaridou

Irene Papas, Dimitris Poulikakos

Manos Katrakis, Theodora Tzimou

Jenny Karezi, Vangelis Mourikis

Full films on Youtube:

Stella by Mihalis Kakogiannis

The Ogre of Athens by Nikos Koundouros (no subtitles)

Antigone by Yorgos Javellas

Glory Sky by Takis Kanellopoulos (no subtitles)

Until the Ship Sails by Alexis Damianos (no subtitles)

The Shepherds of Calamity by Nikos Papatakis (no subtitles)

Reconstruction by Theodoros Angelopoulos

Evdokia by Alexis Damianos

The Travelling Players by Theodoros Angelopoulos

1922 by Nikos Koundouros (no subtitles)

The Wretches Are Still Singing by Nikos Nikolaidis

Balamos by Stavros Tornes (no subtitles, scarce dialogue)

Sweet Bunch by Nikos Nikolaidis

Voyage to Cythera by Theodoros Angelopoulos

The Photograph by Nikos Papatakis (no subtitles)

Morning Patrol by Nikos Nikolaidis

Landscape in the Mist by Theodoros Angelopoulos

The Charioteer by Alexis Damianos (no subtitles)

The Zero Years by Nikos Nikolaidis

Excerpt from A Matter of Dignity by Mihalis Kakogiannis

Excerpt from Happy Day by Pantelis Voulgaris

Excerpt from The Spring Gathering by Dimos Avdeliodis

Excerpt from The Attack of the Giant Mousaka by Panos H. Koutras

Want more soundtrack too?

Ta Paidia tou Peiraia, performance by Melina Mercouri
from Never on Sunday by Jules Dassin

Tha Valo sto Mantili sou, performance by Eleftheria Arvanitaki
from Mania by Giorgos Panousopoulos

Simera, performance by Giannis Parios
from Take Care by Yorgos Tsemperopoulos

Soon to be updated with more soundtrack and historical infos.



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Don't know if you've seen this list Dim, but i just came across it now and it's brilliant:

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