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By: H. K. ‡

My top ten:
The Abominable Dr. Phibes
The Bodysnatcher
Children of the Corn
Don’t Look Now
Kill Baby, Kill!
The New York Ripper
Halloween II (2009)
Monster on the Campus
The Stepfather

Recommendations welcome



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Picture of Greg S.

Greg S.


Did you expand this recently?

  • Picture of H. K. ‡

    H. K. ‡


    I think I did add some strays not too long ago. I haven't been watching a lot of horror lately and looking over this list makes me wonder why not....

Picture of Sagi Mendel

Sagi Mendel


Whatever happend to BAby Jane! just whatched it few days ago,great movie. cool list

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Picture of Bijoux Alexanderplatz

Bijoux Alexanderplatz


Love it!! A few of these I hadn't even heard of, so I'll also use this as a reference.

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Picture of John Lehtonen

John Lehtonen


Predator in the top ten! Wooo!

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