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I'm Your Man: The Filmography of Leonard Cohen

By: Dzimas

I first heard Leonard Cohen in McCabe and Mrs. Miller. The music seemed so ideally suited for the film that I just assumed he had written the songs for the soundtrack, but as it turns out they came off his first album, Songs of Leonard Cohen (1967). Altman was a big fan of Cohen and had approached him for rights to use the songs, which Cohen gave him. Herzog was also a big fan of Cohen, using several of his songs in Fata Morgana, including Suzanne and So Long Marianne . Cohen creates a world within each of his songs, as witnessed at this recent London concert. He also brought the crowd to their knees at the Isle of Wight in 1970, following Jimi Hendrix’s incendiary performance. Both of these performances are available on DVD. One can imagine any one of his songs being the subject of a film in its own right. Here are a few films that have sampled the wonderful discography of Leonard Cohen:



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Very good idea!

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    It's fun. I've done similar lists for Nina Simone, Nick Cave and Bob Dylan.


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