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Incest in Japanese New Wave Cinema

By: Mono No Aware

I’m playing fast and loose with my definition of incest, by including in-laws and stepfathers, but this is a surprisingly recurrent theme in Japanese New Wave films. I’m sure there are some more examples (more than likely directed by Imamura) but I’m drawing a blank at the moment.




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Picture of John Calvin Story

John Calvin Story


wow. this is something that struck me too when i first started watching new wave films. this transient life is the most prominent one. but incest is always brought up in stories about the upper class.

Picture of Mono No Aware

Mono No Aware


...and Secrets Behind the Wall, which I'll add now.

Picture of Mono No Aware

Mono No Aware


It's a bit late for the New Wave but, what the hell, it's Terayama.