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The J&B Movie Diary - J&B in the Movies - and now a Marisa Mell commercial break. - Robert Vaughn in La Baby Sitter. - Roy Scheider in Marathon Man. - Lucía Bosé and Jean Sorel in The Double. - John Steiner in Waves of Lust. - Al Cliver and John Steiner in Waves of Lust. - Rita Hayworth in I bastardi. - John Mills in A Black Veil for Lisa. - Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman. - Jean-Pierre Léaud in La maman et la putain. - Dagmar Lassander in So Young, So Lovely, So Vicious… - Richard Harris in Orca. - Omar Sharif and Richard Harris in Juggernaut. - Michael Caine in The Hand. - Carroll Baker in A Quiet Place to Kill. - Franco Nero in The Fifth… Read more