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JCS Submits!

By: John Calvin Story

to be added:

Stephen Hawking’s Universe (1997)

Wired for Sex (2003–2007)

Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth (1988)

Little Frank and His Carp (2001)
dir: Andrea FRASER

List 리스트 (2011)
dir: HONG Sang-soo

Eye for an Eye (1966)
dir: Andrea TONACCI

City (1964)
dir: Jon JOST

Angel Guts: High School Co-ed (1978)
dir: Chûsei SONE

Kiku and Isamu キクとイサム (1959)
dir: Tadashi IMAI

Blablablá (1975)
dir: Andrea TONACCI

Dirty Maria (1998)
dir: Takahisa ZEZE

Commune (2005)
dir: Jonathan BERMAN

The Workshop (2007)
dir: Jamie MORGAN

The Uprising 이재수의 난 (1999)
dir: PARK Kwang-su

Plumb Line (1968)
dir: Carolee SCHNEEMANN

Nocturne (1988)
dir: Peggy AHWESH



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Picture of Brotherdeacon



Very, Very impressive list of films--the scarcity and rarity of which make them all the more desirable to we geeks, buffs and moving image seekers. Thanks for the effort and taste.

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Picture of Frank W

Frank W


Can't believe I didnt fant this one yet, amazing stuff, John.

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Picture of apursansar



Where can one find "Shady Grove"? Is it available online?

Picture of Coheed 2.5

Coheed 2.5


I wish some of these films would be more freely available in the West. :(