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Low's Grails

by Low

Some films I really want to see, but can’t get my hands on at the moment.
The funny aspect of this, is how spoiled we are in the digital age. I cannot even imagine how it must have been only 20 years ago.

Films not on mubi:
Don Juan et Faust (Marcel L’Herbier, 1922)
Raumlichtkunst (Oskar Fischinger, 1926)
Beni-kômori – Dai ippen (Tsuruhiko Tanaka, 1931)
Scenes from Under Childhood #2-4 (Stan Brakhage, 1969/70)
Light Years Expanding (Gunvor Nelson, 1987)
Running Shadow – Part 1 & 2 (Robert Fulton, 1987)
The Poet’s Veil (Peter Herwitz, 1988)
Kuruwasetaino (Yoshimasa Ishibashi, 1998)
Tiden är en dröm… (Jan Lindqvist, 1999/2014)