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Low's Grails

By: Low

Some films I really want to see, but can’t get my hands on at the moment.
The funny aspect of this, is how spoiled we are in the digital age. I cannot even imagine how it must have been only 20 years ago.

Chuji Tabi Nikki (Daisuke Itô, 1927)

Films not on mubi:
L’Affiche (Jean Epstein, 1924)
Raumlichtkunst (Oskar Fischinger, 1926)
Moy syn (Yevgeni Chervyakov, 1928)
Perekop (Ivan Kavaleridze, 1929)
Labios sem beijos (Humberto Mauro, 1930)
Beni-kômori – Dai ippen (Tsuruhiko Tanaka, 1931)
Du sang, de la volupté et de la mort (Gregory Markopoulos, 1948)
Scenes from Under Childhood #2-4 (Stan Brakhage, 1969/70)
The Weir-Falcon Saga (Stan Brakhage, 1970)
Running Shadow (Robert Fulton, 1971)
Ashad Ka Ek Din (Mani Kaul, 1971)
The Secret Garden (Phil Solomon, 1988)
Passage Through: A Ritual (Stan Brakhage, 1990)
The Book of all the Dead (Bruce Elder, 1974/1994)
A Pitcher of Colored Light (Robert Beavers, 2007)

The Art of Vision (Stan Brakhage, 1965)

The Illiac Passion (Gregory Markopoulos, 1967)



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Picture of locust furnace

locust furnace

22Oct12 you can see tih minh here! murky print and it's missing 75 minutes out of the original 418 run time, but here it is.

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    Thank you very much! I'll have to check it out, it's much better than nothing :)