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Movies in My Favorites I Don't Own

By: Drew.

My favorite films are for the most part the ones I want to rewatch the most, so I’m going to try and get away from blind buys and focus my DVD purchasing more on acquiring the films I call my favorites.

This is out of a total of 333 favorite films.


Favorites That Have No Easily Available DVD Release:
-City Lights
-The Green Ray
-Johnny Guitar
-A Letter to Elia
-Letter from an Unknown Woman
-Los Olvidados
-Pas de deux
-The Passionate Friends
-The Rain People
-Voyage to Italy
-Young Aphrodites

Favorites I’m Saving to Buy for a Blu-Ray Release:
-The Conformist
-Great Expectations
-A Matter of Life and Death



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there's only so much we could purchase...

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Zachary Phillip Brailsford


Man, I wish Thirty-Two Short Films About Glenn Gould had a release... :'( Nice list, sir. A lot of those are great! I imagine that you'll be getting the Apocalypse Now Bluray when it comes out (the three disc set), that comes with Heart of Darkness on Blu, too, right? That will be awesome. One of the seminal releases of the year, methinks. Oh yeah, and go buy Close-Up. I know I was certainly glad when I did. ;) Savvy