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Movies Watched In 2011

by Awesome Barnhart

These are film I’ve seen for the very first time in theater or DVD, starting with “Starman” and working down throughout the year.

Not In Mubi:
(After “Blow Out”) – “The Winning Season” (2009)
(After “RED”) – “Love at First Hiccup” (2009)
(After “House of Sand and Fog”) – “Demolition Man” (1993)
(After “Nicholas Nickleby”) – “Shag: The Movie” (1989)
(After “Special”) – “It Could Happen To You” (1994)
(After “You Again”) – “Hope Springs” (2004)
(After “Marmaduke”) – “I Am Number Four” (2011)
(After “Taxi Driver”) – “Mercury Rising” (1998)