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(my) Canon.

By: Adam Cook


a balance between significant works and personal favourites with a heavy leaning towards the latter…



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No Lubitsch?

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Showgirls and Heat. Muthafocka respect! Hi fawking five. The Stills, I'd say, are the favorite ones, and that is quite the list. Red Shoes ho! The last five between Mann's (and Mann is my main man for real!) and the latest Scorsese are among my top favorites, that i saw in 2010 or 2011; amongst the very best shot on the mainstream in like 20 YEARS. great taste. Adam can surely cook! Aha. Respect!

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    Adam Cook


    not 100% on who you are but you're my best friend now

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    AHAHA. Really? That sounds pretty nice actually. I'm just a guy that has a MUBI account and appreciates other people's canons. And to have the balls to put Red Shoes and Showgirls together deserves a commendation don't you think? That's awesome, man! And Heat? I mean I cannot tell you enough about my hardcore man-love for HEAT it's so powerful, eventful, epic, masculine, sensitive, poetic, beautiful, staggering, moving, well-done, perfectly edited, akshlashsa, Am sorry cannot talk this long about HEAT or my head explodes. I wish I had a 16 mm copy of the film, that is how much I love the film. Aha. Am sorry. Love the film and dig your list too. See ya.

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John Lehtonen


Elizabeth Berkley yo

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Kenrick Block


Adam, you are the man, man.

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