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My DVD/Blu-Ray Collection

By: Drew.

Ever-growing since 2002.

Criterion Blu Rays (by spine #)
Eclipse Sets (by spine #)
Criterion DVDs (by spine #)
Regular Blu Rays (by director)
Regular DVDs (by director)
Collections (20th Century Fox, Astaire and Rogers, Busby Berkeley, “Chilling”, James Bond, The Marx Brothers, Tracy-Hepburn, Val Lewton)

Movies Brought to College:
-Annie Hall
-Before Sunrise
-BRD Trilogy
-Bringing Out the Dead
-Bringing Up Baby
-East of Eden
-Everyone Says I Love You
-Eyes Wide Shut
-Hannah and Her Sisters
-In Bruges
-John Cassavetes Five Films
-Jules et Jim
-Pearls of the Czech New Wave
-Silent Ozu
-Singin’ in the Rain



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Picture of a Smith

a Smith


I have quite a few myself, but there are several on your list I wish I owned.

Picture of Juurakkotukka



I wish this would be in alphabetical order :) I know how hard it it...I just started with mine and the last films I added are a messsss :)

  • Picture of Drew.



    Hey now! This is totally organized. See description. :)

Picture of Nadia



I laughed when I read the title - great list!

Picture of Blue K, Custodian of the Cinema

Blue K, Custodian of the Cinema


Very nice. Venture out into the world of non-Criterions too though. :)