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My favourite films of 2012

by FilmStillLives

in alphabetical order, with THE COMPASS IS CARRIED BY THE DEAD MAN (2010, dir. Arturo Pons)—unlisted at mubi—occupying a slot

for documentary films, in alphabetical order:

CANÍCULA (2012, dir. José Álvarez)
LE SOMMEIL D’OR (2011, dir. Davy Chou)
SEARCHING FOR SUGARMAN (2012, dir. Malik Bendjelloul)
THIS IS NOT A FILM (2011, dir. Jafar Panahi)
WHERE HEAVEN MEETS HELL (2011, dir.Sasha Friedlander)

favourite film-going event: Stanley Kubrick retrospective at LACMA, accompanying the “Stanley Kubrick” exhibition