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By: Jose Sarmien​to Hinojos​a

“Iam trying to make films about very simple things. And, admittedly, when it comes to simple things, we are quite unskilled in contemplating them, and in vain are rejecting them as an obvious granted. We don’t have such a habit – so it takes a lot of moral strength, effort and time. That’s what I give myself and my viewers; time. To set the pace for a film, the editing tools are not enough; you need a basis for choosing this or other tempo.”



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Jose Sarmiento Hinojosa


Well, I guess you could buy them on Ebay? The other way, of course is: Surreal Moviez (they usually open their site for new members) or Karagarga (you'll have to ask for an invite from someone here).

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Alexander Robino


nice list! out of curiousity, do you know where a helpless American could find these films for viewing?