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Nolan Rank

by Sagi Mendel

N.1 : The Prestige-
What a great film!!! Main characters are awesome and the plot is amazing and interesting till the last second.
N.2 : Following-
A very cool film, Hard to belive it’s his first movie…
N.3 : The Dark Knight Rises-
Great ending to the Batman trilogy, The ending was predictable but was amazing.
N.4 : Inception-
Very intresting, you will think about it in the day after.
N.5 : Memento-
Guy Pearce perfect as ever. Smart movie.
N.6 : The Dark Knight-
Heath Ledger.
N.7 : Batman Begins-
Nice movie.
N.8 : Insomnia-
Thanks god for location and Al Pacino. Boring and very predictable movie.