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Personal Canon: The 1920s

by Erik Gregersen

Not in the database:

Angora Love (Lewis R. Foster, 1929)
The Great K & A Train Robbery (Lewis Seiler, 1926)
In Youth, Beside the Lonely Sea (Anon., 1925)
Ko-Ko’s Earth Control (Dave Fleischer, 1928)
Land of the Bulls (Musidora, 1924)
Mama Behave (Leo McCarey, 1926)
The Pet (Winsor McCay, 1921)
Storia di Una Donna (Eugenio Perego, 1920)
There It Is (Charley Bowers and H. L. Muller, 1928)
The Toll of the Sea (Chester M. Franklin, 1922)
The Whistle (Lambert Hillyer, 1921)