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Released on CD: Film Scores of 1964

By: Oliver

Latest addition: “Toto e Peppino divisi a Berlino” by Armando Trovajoli.

1. Leigh Harline (Film Score Monthly)
2. Johnny Mandel (Film Score Monthly, part of the box set “A Johnny Mandel Trio”)
3. Armando Trovajoli (Beat Records, 2 CDs)
4. Laurence Rosenthal (Windemere Music Publications)
5. Ennio Morricone (RCA Records, paired with “Un uomo a metà”)
6. Toshirô Mayuzumi (Think!, paired with “The Warped Ones”)
7. Carlo Rustichelli (Digitmovies, paired with “La frusta e il corpo”)
8. Alex North (Label X)
9. Carlo Savina (Digitmovies)

10. Akira Ifukube (Futureland)
11. Angelo Francesco Lavagnino (GDM)
12. André Previn (Film Score Monthly)
13. Dimitri Tiomkin (Tadlow, complete re-recording, conducted by Nic Raine, surviving original recordings on Lalaland)
14. Laurie Johnson (Cloud Nine Records)
15. Ennio Morricone (GDM)
16. Martin Böttcher (Edel TCS, paired with “Winnetou – 2. Teil”)
17. Akira Ifukube (Futureland)
18. John Barry (Capitol/EMI)
19. Georges Delerue (Universal France, expanded edition paired with “Les morfalous”)

20. Dmitri Shostakovich (Naxos, re-recording conducted by Dmitry Yablonsky)
21. Armando Trovajoli (GDM, paired with “La visita” & “Le belle famiglie”)
22. Frank DeVol (Intrada)
23. David Raksin (Film Score Monthly, part of the box set “The Unforgiven: Classic Western Scores from United Artists”)
24. Maurice Jarre (Film Score Monthly, paired with “The Bridge at Remagen” by Elmer Bernstein)
25. Lalo Schifrin (Universal France)
26. Martin Böttcher (Edel TS, paired with “Unter Geiern”)
27. Carlo Rustichelli (Digitmovies)
28. Bernard Herrmann (Varèse Sarabande, re-recording conducted by Joel McNeely)
29. Armando Trovajoli (GDM, paired with “Il magnifico cornuto” & “Le fate”)

30. Vic Mizzy (Percepto)
31. Benjamin Frankel (CPO, ca. 25 minutes re-recorded for “Benjamin Frankel – Music for Movies”, conducted by Werner Andreas Albert)
32. Alex North (Film Score Monthly, paired with “All Fall Down”)
33. Quincy Jones (Verve/Polygram, paired with “The Deadly Affair”)
34. Giovanni Fusco (CAM, paried with “L’eclisse” & “L’avventura”)
35. Nathan Van Cleave (Film Score Monthly)
36. Carlo Rustichelli (Digitmovies, complete score)
37. Georges Delerue (Kritzerland)
38. Giovanni Fusco, Piero Piccioni & Carlo Rustichelli (CAM)
39. Giovanni Fusco (CAM)

40. Manos Hadjidakis (Kritzerland)
41. Michel Legrand (Universal France, remastered edition is part of the box set “L’integrale – Jacques Demy – Michel Legrand”)
42. Piero Piccioni (GDM, paired with “Che lavora è perduto”)
43. Elmer Bernstein (Film Score Monthly)
44. Mikis Theodorakis (Duchesse and others)
45. John Barry (RPM Records, paired with “Four in the Morning”)
46. Giorgio Zinzi (CAM)
47. Piero Piccioni (CAM, paired with “La fuga”)
48. Armando Trovajoli (GDM, paired with “La mia signora” & “Le fate”)
49. Neal Hefti (Film Score Monthly, paired with “The Chapman Report” by Leonard Rosenman)

50. Ron Goodwin (Film Score Monthly, paired with “Submarine X-1”)
51. Maurice Jarre (Film Score Monthly, paired with “Damn the Defiant!” by Clifton Parker)
52. Riz Ortolani (Film Score Monthly, part of the box set “The MGM Soundtrack Treasury”)
53. Toshirô Mayuzumi (Superfuji)
54. David Lee (Quartet Records)
55. Paul Glass (Kritzerland)
56. Mal Waldron (Phillips/Verve)
57. Carlo Martelli (GDI)
58. Frank Cordell (Intrada)
59. Piero Piccioni (GDM)

60. Carlo Rustichelli (Digitmovies, paired with “Coriolano: Eroe senza patria”)
61. Paul Sawtell & Bert Shefter (Monstrous Movie Music)
62. Rolf Wilhelm (Alhambra, score is part of the sampler “Deutsche Filmklassiker: Rolf Wilhelm Vol. 4”)
63. Angelo Francesco Lavagnino (Digitmovies)
64. Jerry Goldsmith (Intrada, paired with “Shock Treatment”)
65. Armando Trovajoli (GDM)
66. Jerry Goldsmith (Intrada, paired with “The Mackintosh Man” by Maurice Jarre)
67. Elmer Bernstein (Intrada)
68. Jerry Goldsmith (Film Score Monthly, re-recording on Intrada)
69. Carlo Rustichelli (Digitmovies, paired with “La valle dell’eco tonante”)

70. Carlo Rustichelli (Kronos Records)
71. Roberto Nicolosi (Digitmovies)
72. Riz Ortolani (Digitmovies)
73. Armando Trovajoli (Digitmovies)



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