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Released on CD: Film Scores of 1975

By: Oliver

Latest addition: “Overlord” by Paul Glass.

1. Ennio Morricone (Digitmovies)
2. Leonard Rosenman (Warner)
3. Jerry Fielding (Intrada)
4. Allyn Ferguson (Prometheus, paired with “The Man in the Iron Mask”)
5. John Barry (Intrada)
6. Giorgio Gaslini & Goblin (Cinevox, 2-CD-Set)
7. Isaak Shvartz (Toho, more of a concept than a score album)
8. Roy Budd (Silva Screen, 2-CD-Set with “The Stone Killer”)
9. Ennio Morricone (GDM)

10. Ennio Morricone (Beat Records)
11. Bruno Nicolai (Digitmovies)
12. David Shire (Film Score Monthly, paired with “Monkey Shines”)
13. Ennio Morricone (GDM, expanded edition)
14. Franco Bixio, Fabio Frizzi & Vince Tempera (Cinevox)
15. Don Ellis (Film Score Monthly, paired with “French Connection”)
16. Luchi De Jesus (Beyond Music)
17. Ennio Morricone (Hexacord)
18. Alberto Verrecchia (GDM)
19. David Shire (Intrada)

20. Georges Delerue (Music by Records, paired with “Va Voir Maman, Papa Travaille”)
21. John Williams (MCA Records)
22. Alex North (Prometheus)
23. Jerry Fielding (Intrada)
24. Ennio Morricone (GDM/Intermezzo, expanded edition)
25. Ennio Morricone (GDM/Hillside, expanded edition)
26. Rick Wakeman (A & M Records Japan)
27. Maurice Jarre (Kritzerland)
28. Edward Nicolay Artemyev (Toei Music, paired with “Stalker”)
29. Ennio Morricone (Cinevox)

30. Jack Nitzsche (Fantasy Records)
31. Roy Budd (Cinephile)
32. Bent Fabricius Bjerre (Polydor)
33. Henry Mancini (RCA Records)
34. Pierre Bachelet (Sugar Music, no extra music)
35. Ennio Morricone (Cinevox)
36. Jerry Goldsmith (Film Score Monthly)
37. Dave Grusin (Film Score Monthly, expanded edition, paired with “The Friends of Eddie Coyle”)
38. Guido & Maurizio de Angelis (Beat Records)
39. Franco Bixio, Fabio Frizzi & Vince Tempera (Beat Records, complete edition, paired “Il secondo tragico Fantozzi”)

40. Jerry Goldsmith (Intrada)
41. Francis Lai (Digitmovies)
42. Georges Delerue (Mondo Vision, bonus CD for the DVD)
43. Michel Legrand (Playtime, paired with “La vie de château” & “Les mariés de l’an II”)
44. André Previn (Varèse Sarabande, mostly adaptations of concert works)
45. Nico Fidenco (Beat Records)
46. Alex North (Prometheus)
47. Carlo Rustichelli (Cinevox)
48. Guido & Maurizio de Angelis (Digitmovies)
49. Pierre Bachelet & Francis Lai (Victor)

50. Antoine Duhamel (CAM, adaptation of 17th century music)
51. Nico Fidenco (Digitmovies)
52. Guido & Maurizio de Angelis (Digitmovies)
53. Guido & Maurizio de Angelis (Digitmovies)
54. Ennio Morricone (GDM)
55. Maurice Jarre (Intrada, paired with “The Last Tycoon”)
56. Riz Ortolani (Dagored)
57. Stelvio Cipriani (Digitmovies, paired with “Voci dal profondo” )
58. Luis Bacalov (GDM)
59. John Williams (Varese Sarabande)

60. Michael J. Lewis (composer promo, paired with “The Man Who Haunted Himself”)
61. Dominic Frontiere (Lalaland Records)
62. Jerry Goldsmith (Kritzerland)
63. Stelvio Cipriani (Quartet Records)
64. Stelvio Cipriani (Chris’ Soundtrack Corner, contains music from “La polizia chiede aiuto” & “La polizia sta a guardare”)
65. Ennio Morricone (GDM)
66. Elmer Bernstein (Varèse Sarabande Club)
67. Bruno Nicolai (Digitmovies, score is part of the 3-CD-set “Italian Police Deluxe 3 CD set”)
68. Pino Donaggio (Fin de Siècle Media)
69. Cesare A. Bixio & Ennio Morricone (Cinevox, paired with “Fatti di gente perbene”)

70. Henry Mancini (Intrada)
71. Paul Glass (Kritzerland, 2 CD set with Glass’ score for “Hustle” and Robert Farnon’s “The Disappearance”)



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