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Salem's Submissions

by Salem Kapsaski
Films I submitted to MUBI. 1000 Films and counting! Over 60 Films by Jess Franco 19 Films with the word “Blood” (or Bloody) in the title 11 Films with the word “Vampire” in the title 10 Films with the word “Death” in the title 4 Films not listed on IMDb 2 Films that made the IMDb Bottom 100 Only 1 Film with the word “Ass” in the Title :( Lists by other users: Den’s Submissions / More Submissions from Den / Even More Submissions From den Augusto A. Submissions Cacophonism’s Submissions Cat’s Submissions to The Auteurs L.A.‘s Submissions to the auteur’s ScorpioRising’s Submissions Natasha’s Submissions The database submissions of Greg… Read more