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Sex Change Films

By: Logan Walker

These films have characters who, more or less, have changed or who are changing their sex. I’m most interested in films that show surgery. Maybe I’ll make a list of films dealing more generally with surgery.

The list in progress, in order of filmmaker, including films not on Mubi:

Berliner, Alain. “Ma Vie En Rose.” 88 mins, 1997.
Cronenberg, David. “M. Butterfly.” 101 mins, 1993.
Davis, Kate. “Southern Comfort.” 90 mins, 2001.
de Palma, Brian. “Dressed to Kill.” 105 mins, 1980.
Dexter, John. “I Want What I Want.” 91 mins, 1973.
Elliott, Stephan. “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.” 104 mins, 1994.
Feder, Samantha and Julie Hollar. “Boy I Am.” 2006.
Foulon, Jerome. “Another Woman.” 106 mins, 2004.
Gary, Jason and Jacobson, Greg. “Modify.” 85 mins, 2005.
Goldman, Henrique. “Princesa.” 94 mins, 2001.
Gustafson, Irene. “Portrait of Turner.” 55 mins, 2009.
Janet Baus, Dan Hunt, and Reid Williams. “Cruel and Unusual.” 2006.
Jordan, Neil. “Breakfast on Pluto.” 135 mins, 2005.
———. “The Crying Game.” 112 mins, 1992.
Livingston, Jennie. “Paris Is Burning.” 1990.
Lumet, Sidney. “Dog Day Afternoon.” 124 mins, 1975.
Mateik, Tara. “Operation Invert.” ca. 12 min. Chicago, Ill.: Video Data Bank, 2003.
———. “Toilet Training.” 30 mins, 2003.
Mitchell, John Cameron. “Hedwig and the Angry Inch.” 2001.
Muska, Susan. “The Brandon Teena Story.” 89 mins, 1998.
Page, Anthony. “Second Serve.” 120 mins (including commercials): CBS, 1986.
Peirce, Kimberly. “Boys Don’t Cry.” 1999, 1999.
Pierson, Frank. “Soldier’s Girl.” 112 mins, 2003.
Potter, Sally. “Orlando.” 93 mins, 1993.
Rapper, Irving. “The Christine Jorgensen Story.” 98 mins, 1970.
Salazar, Ramón. “20 Centímetros.” 112 mins, 2005.
Sarne, Michael. “Myra Breckinridge.” 94 mins, 1970.
Sebold, Brooke; Benita Sills; and Todd Sills. “Red without Blue.” 2007.
Sharman, Jim. “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” 100 mins, 1975.
Tucker, Duncan. “Transamerica.” 103 mins, 2005.
Uekrongtham, Ekachai. “Beautiful Boxer.” 118 mins, 2003.
Wishman, Doris. “Let Me Die a Woman.” 1978.
Wood, Edward D. “Glen or Glenda.” 65 mins, 1953.
Ziegler, Kortney Ryan. “Still Black.” 2008.



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