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Silent Film Sirens

By: zyria

Favorite silent film “sirens” and a ranking of their silent films.


Gloria Swanson
1. Sadie Thompson
2. Mandhandled
3. Why Change Your Wife?
4. Don’t Change Your Husband
5. The Affairs of Anatol
6. Beyond the Rocks
7. Male and Female
8. Queen Kelly


Louise Brooks
1. Pandora’s Box
2. Diary of a Lost Girl


Greta Garbo
1. Flesh and the Devil
2. The Mysterious Lady
3. Love
4. The Temptress


Clara Bow
1. It
2. Mantrap
3. Wings
4. Parisian Love


Bebe Daniels
1. Why Change Your Wife?
2. The Affairs of Anatol
3. Male and Female


Lillian Gish
1. Broken Blossoms
2. Way Down East
3. La Bohème
4. The Scarlet Letter

 photo MaryPickford192002_zpsf383b7a4.jpg

Mary Pickford
1. My Best Girl

 photo joancrawford04_zps89fb9bbc.jpg

Joan Crawford
1. Our Modern Maidens
2. Our Dancing Daughters

 photo normashearer_zpsbced4196.jpg

Norma Shearer
1. Lady of the Night


Alla Nazimova
1. Camille
2. Salomé


Theda Bara
1. A Fool There Was



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