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Top Ten Films set in a Mental Institution

By: Jason Rawling​s

Having recently watched Stutter Island, Scorcese’s newest flick to feature the boston accented DiCaprio, I decided to consider films set in mental hospitals but unfortunately the auteurs doesnt have many of them. This list is lacking.



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Picture of Jason Rawlings

Jason Rawlings


yeah, i forgot about Titicut Follies. That's actually one of the faves. Girl, Interrupted doesnt show up in The Auteurs list.

Picture of Kenji



i was planning a list on mental health, there are some films that are worth considering for your list: Titicut Follies, Shock Corridor, Lilith, Europa 51, Head Against the Wall...

Picture of Hunter Duesing

Hunter Duesing


Some others... Girl, Interrupted The Jacket Bedlam


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