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Twenty-Five for All Time

By: Zachary W



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Why kaspar hauser instead of aguirre or stroszek? Welt am draht (world on a wire) is fucking class. Red Shoes is eternal. Haven't seen like 7 of these - are they in any particular order?

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    Zachary W


    My love for Herzog knows no limit, so when I put Kaspar Hauser at the top I can still affirm those two films as masterpieces. It's really an intangible quality that elevates it above his others for me, no major aesthetic reason. I'd say they're more or less in order of preference, but with films this great a strict hierarchy can't really apply. Which films have you not seen?

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    6,8,10,11,12,16,17,18,22,24. Stalker and Autumn Afternoon are only a matter of time before I see them, the rest, besides Scorcese, I'm pretty unfamiliar with.

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    Zachary W


    Well, obviously I would recommend seeing all of them. Je vous salue Sarajevo is actually only three minutes long, and it's easy to find on YouTube, so you should definitely check it out. If you like it try Godard's Histoire(s) du cinema as well.

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Zachary W


Well Kurt, that's why I like them.

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Kurt Walker


great stuff!


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