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Year by Year - 1970 Ranked

By: Brad S.

1-3: Five Stars
4-13: Four Stars
14-25: Three Stars
26-27: Two Stars
28: One Star



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Picture of Brad S.

Brad S.


Allison, I'd definitely recommend Hi Mom! It's very different from typical De Palma in that it's more influenced by French New Wave than Hitchcock. There are Rear Window elements, but it's mostly played as comedy. Mostly, because there is one pseudo-documentary section that, for me, is the most harrowing sequence De Palma has ever done. What's your favorite De Palma? (mine is Dressed to Kill).

Picture of Ally the Manic Listmaker

Ally the Manic Listmaker


I want to see Hi, Mom! Anyone that would put a de Palma film on their list is a friend of mine.


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