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Berlin International Film Festival

  1. The Croods

    The Croods

  2. Naked Opera
    Heiner Carow Prize

    Naked Opera

  3. Charlie Countryman

    Charlie Countryman

  4. It's All So Quiet

    It's All So Quiet

  5. Free Fall

    Free Fall

  6. Narco Cultura

    Narco Cultura

  7. Reaching for the Moon

    Reaching for the Moon

  8. The Spirit of '45

    The Spirit of '45

  9. The Rocket
  10. Concussion
  11. Interior. Leather Bar.

    Interior. Leather Bar.

  12. The Eternal Return of Antonis Paraskevas

    The Eternal Return of Antonis Paraskevas

  13. The Battle of Tabatô
    Sebutan Khas: Best Debut Film

    The Battle of Tabatô

  14. The Weight of Elephants

    The Weight of Elephants

  15. Hide Your Smiling Faces

    Hide Your Smiling Faces

  16. Shopping
    Best Feature Film (Grand Prix of the Generation 14plus International Jury)


  17. Lovelace


  18. Lunch with Gertrude Stein

    Lunch with Gertrude Stein

  19. So Much Water

    So Much Water

  20. Yumen


  21. Misterio
    Prix UIP Berlin (European Short Film)


  22. In the Name Of
  23. Forst


  24. Father's Garden: The Love of My Parents
    Reader Jury of the Tagesspiegel

    Father's Garden: The Love of My Parents

  25. Dark Matter

    Dark Matter

  26. Bambi
    Teddy: Best Documentary (Panorama Dokumente)


  27. Youth


  28. Killing Strangers

    Killing Strangers

  29. Gold


  30. To the Wolf

    To the Wolf

  31. Born This Way

    Born This Way

  32. Metamorphosen


  33. The Plague

    The Plague

  34. The 727 Days Without Karamo

    The 727 Days Without Karamo

  35. Sieniawka


  36. Rabbitland
    Best Short Film - Generation 14plus (Crystal Bear)