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Cannes Film Festival

  1. My Uncle from America

    My Uncle from America

  2. Kagemusha
    Palme d'Or


  3. Babylon


  4. The Constant Factor

    The Constant Factor

  5. Loulou


  6. City of Women

    City of Women

  7. The Big Red One

    The Big Red One

  8. Out of the Blue

    Out of the Blue

  9. Every Man for Himself

    Every Man for Himself

  10. Breaker Morant
    Best Supporting Actor

    Breaker Morant

  11. The Terrace
  12. Csontváry


  13. The Long Riders

    The Long Riders

  14. A Week's Vacation

    A Week's Vacation

  15. Sitting Ducks

    Sitting Ducks

  16. Order


  17. Breaking Glass

    Breaking Glass

  18. Sunday Daughters

    Sunday Daughters

  19. Carny


  20. Leap Into the Void

    Leap Into the Void

  21. Morning Undersea

    Morning Undersea

  22. The Gamekeeper

    The Gamekeeper

  23. Special Therapy
    Best Supporting Actress

    Special Therapy

  24. The Heiresses

    The Heiresses

  25. The Candidate

    The Candidate

  26. Prostitute


  27. To Love the Damned

    To Love the Damned

  28. B.C. Rock

    B.C. Rock

  29. The Mouse and the Woman

    The Mouse and the Woman

  30. Double Negative

    Double Negative

  31. Rules of Procedure

    Rules of Procedure

  32. Put on Ice

    Put on Ice

  33. Mr. Patman

    Mr. Patman

  34. The Handyman

    The Handyman

  35. Mater amatísima

    Mater amatísima

  36. The Coffin Affair

    The Coffin Affair

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