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Chicago International Film Festival

  1. Shadow's Wings

    Shadow's Wings

  2. The Promise Moon
    Best Short Film (Gold Plaque)

    The Promise Moon

  3. Watching TV

    Watching TV

  4. A Game with No Rules
    Best Short Film (Silver Plaque)

    A Game with No Rules

  5. Coming Out Under Fire
    Documentary: Social/Political (Silver Hugo)

    Coming Out Under Fire

  6. Texan

  7. Sure to Rise

    Sure to Rise

  8. Bright Day

    Bright Day

  9. Eternity


  10. Dallas Doll

    Dallas Doll

  11. Only the Brave
    Gold Hugo

    Only the Brave

  12. That Sunday
    Best Short Film (Silver Plaque)

    That Sunday

  13. Marooned
    Best Short Film (Certificate of Merit)


  14. Kalamazoo
    Best Short Film


  15. The Butterfly's Dream

    The Butterfly's Dream

  16. A Straight Long Road

    A Straight Long Road

  17. Avondale Dogs

    Avondale Dogs

  18. After 68

    After 68

  19. Lamarca


  20. The Big Story

    The Big Story

  21. Trop de bonheur

    Trop de bonheur

  22. Ryaba, My Chicken

    Ryaba, My Chicken

  23. The Golden Ball

    The Golden Ball

  24. Tokyo Cowboy

    Tokyo Cowboy

  25. The Year of a Dog

    The Year of a Dog

  26. Strawberry and Chocolate
    Best Actor (Silver Hugo)

    Strawberry and Chocolate

  27. Bob's Birthday
    Best Short Film (Silver Hugo)

    Bob's Birthday

  28. Revolver


  29. Love and Human Remains

    Love and Human Remains

  30. The Screw

    The Screw

  31. Small Talk

    Small Talk

  32. From the Snow

    From the Snow

  33. Avenue X

    Avenue X

  34. Only the Brave
    Golden Hugo for Best Documentary

    Only the Brave

  35. Britannia
  36. Where Is the Friend's Home? - 何處是我朋友的家?

    Where Is the Friend's Home? - 何處是我朋友的家?