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Gaudí Awards

  1. Inception


  2. The Ghost Writer

    The Ghost Writer

  3. Buried
  4. Julia's Eyes

    Julia's Eyes

  5. Black Bread
  6. The Mosquito Net
  7. Agnosia


  8. The Great Vázquez

    The Great Vázquez

  9. Héroes


  10. Bicicleta, cullera, poma
    Best Documentary

    Bicicleta, cullera, poma

  11. Elisa K.

    Elisa K.

  12. María and I

    María and I

  13. Lope
  14. The Twin Girls of Sunset Street
    Best Short Film

    The Twin Girls of Sunset Street

  15. The White Ribbon
    Best European Film

    The White Ribbon

  16. The Concert

    The Concert

  17. Familystrip


  18. The Consul of Sodom

    The Consul of Sodom