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Golden Globes (USA)

  1. Hand in Hand
    Best Film Promoting International Understanding

    Hand in Hand

  2. The Marriage-Go-Round

    The Marriage-Go-Round

  3. The Apartment
  4. The Virgin Spring
    Best Foreign-Language Foreign Film

    The Virgin Spring

  5. The Magnificent Seven

    The Magnificent Seven

  6. The Truth
    Best Foreign-Language Foreign Film

    The Truth

  7. Inherit the Wind

    Inherit the Wind

  8. Elmer Gantry

    Elmer Gantry

  9. House of Usher
    Most Promising Newcomer - Male

    House of Usher

  10. Never on Sunday
    Samuel Goldwyn Award

    Never on Sunday

  11. Bells Are Ringing

    Bells Are Ringing

  12. Let's Make Love

    Let's Make Love

  13. Butterfield 8

    Butterfield 8

  14. Exodus
  15. Pollyanna
    Most Promising Newcomer - Female


  16. The Grass Is Greener

    The Grass Is Greener

  17. Can-Can


  18. The Sundowners

    The Sundowners

  19. The World of Suzie Wong

    The World of Suzie Wong

  20. From the Terrace
  21. The Alamo
    Best Original Score

    The Alamo

  22. Sons and Lovers

    Sons and Lovers

  23. Pepe
  24. The Trials of Oscar Wilde
    Best English-Language Foreign Film

    The Trials of Oscar Wilde

  25. Murder, Inc.
    Most Promising Newcomer - Male

    Murder, Inc.

  26. Sunrise at Campobello

    Sunrise at Campobello

  27. It Started in Naples

    It Started in Naples

  28. Because They're Young
    Most Promising Newcomer - Male

    Because They're Young

  29. Conspiracy of Hearts

    Conspiracy of Hearts

  30. The Dark at the Top of the Stairs

    The Dark at the Top of the Stairs

  31. Hell to Eternity

    Hell to Eternity

  32. The Plunderers

    The Plunderers

  33. The Facts of Life

    The Facts of Life

  34. Song Without End
  35. Midnight Lace

    Midnight Lace

  36. Our Man in Havana

    Our Man in Havana

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