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Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists

  1. We Have a Pope
  2. Corpo celeste

    Corpo celeste

  3. The Jewel
  4. The Salt of Life

    The Salt of Life

  5. The Rite

    The Rite

  6. Boris - Il Film

    Boris - Il Film

  7. What a Beautiful Day

    What a Beautiful Day

  8. Whatsoeverly


  9. Manual of Love 3

    Manual of Love 3

  10. Women Vs Men

    Women Vs Men

  11. Tatanka


  12. The Immature

    The Immature

  13. Amici miei - Come tutto ebbe inizio

    Amici miei - Come tutto ebbe inizio

  14. Escort in Love
  15. The Easy Life

    The Easy Life

  16. Inception


  17. The Social Network

    The Social Network

  18. The King's Speech
    Best European Director

    The King's Speech

  19. Another Year

    Another Year

  20. Winter's Bone

    Winter's Bone

  21. Of Gods and Men

    Of Gods and Men

  22. In a Better World

    In a Better World

  23. The Solitude of Prime Numbers

    The Solitude of Prime Numbers

  24. Potiche


  25. The Black Sheep

    The Black Sheep

  26. Barney's Version

    Barney's Version

  27. Diarchy
    Best Short Film Director


  28. A Quiet Life
  29. Angels of Evil

    Angels of Evil

  30. Hands Up
    European Silver Ribbon

    Hands Up

  31. Sorelle mai

    Sorelle mai

  32. We Believed
    Silver Ribbon of the Year

    We Believed

  33. Welcome to the South

    Welcome to the South

  34. 18 Years Later

    18 Years Later

  35. Dark Love

    Dark Love

  36. The House by the Medlar Tree

    The House by the Medlar Tree

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