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Melbourne International Film Festival

  1. American Psycho

    American Psycho

  2. King of the Jews

    King of the Jews

  3. Adventures of Félix

    Adventures of Félix

  4. Dora-heita


  5. Best Australian Short Film


  6. Joy


  7. Donuts for Breakfast

    Donuts for Breakfast

  8. The Alcohol Years
    City of Melbourne Award (Best Short Documentary)

    The Alcohol Years

  9. The Anatomy Class

  10. This is Me

    This is Me

  11. Bolts of Lightning

    Bolts of Lightning

  12. My Mother Frank
    Most Popular Feature Film

    My Mother Frank

  13. Ring Of Fire
    Best Short Animation

    Ring Of Fire

  14. Tully


  15. Beau Travail

    Beau Travail

  16. Time Regained

    Time Regained

  17. Human Resources

    Human Resources

  18. Jesus' Son

    Jesus' Son

  19. Tradition Is the Handing on of Fire, Not the Worship of Ashes

    Tradition Is the Handing on of Fire, Not the Worship of Ashes

  20. Nang nak

    Nang nak

  21. Echo

  22. Paradise Lost

    Paradise Lost

  23. Best in Beef

    Best in Beef

  24. The Zone

    The Zone

  25. Empty Days

    Empty Days

  26. Witchcraft


  27. Live Show

    Live Show

  28. Nénette and Boni

    Nénette and Boni

  29. U.S. Go Home

    U.S. Go Home

  30. I Can't Sleep

    I Can't Sleep

  31. The Murder Mystery

    The Murder Mystery

  32. No Fear, No Die

    No Fear, No Die

  33. Man no run

    Man no run

  34. Chocolat


  35. The Exterminating Angel

    The Exterminating Angel

  36. The Adventures of Prince Achmed

    The Adventures of Prince Achmed