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Swiss Film Award

  1. Mario
  2. The Little Witch
    Best Film Score

    The Little Witch

  3. Those Who Are Fine

    Those Who Are Fine

  4. Before Summer Ends

    Before Summer Ends

  5. Sarah Plays a Werewolf

    Sarah Plays a Werewolf

  6. Animals


  7. The Congo Tribunal

    The Congo Tribunal

  8. Blue My Mind
  9. The Paris Opera
    Best Documentary Film

    The Paris Opera

  10. Vacuum
  11. Emma
  12. Goliath


  13. In a Nutshell

    In a Nutshell

  14. Mr. Moll and the Chocolate Factory

    Mr. Moll and the Chocolate Factory

  15. In The Woods

    In The Woods

  16. The Valley of Happiness

    The Valley of Happiness

  17. A Long Way Home

    A Long Way Home

  18. Facing Mecca
    Best Short Film

    Facing Mecca

  19. Pure Charcoal
    Best Cinematography

    Pure Charcoal

  20. The Last Touch

    The Last Touch

  21. Rewind Forward

    Rewind Forward

  22. Airport
    Best Animation Film


  23. Almost There

    Almost There

  24. Le fil d'Ariane

    Le fil d'Ariane

  25. Rakijada


  26. Down the Throat

    Down the Throat