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Venice Film Festival

  1. Living the Light - Robby Müller

    Living the Light - Robby Müller

  2. Patision Avenue

    Patision Avenue

  3. Tel Aviv on Fire
  4. Unremember


  5. Camorra


  6. The Announcement
    Orizzonti: Special Jury Prize

    The Announcement

  7. A Gift
    Orizzonti: Best Short Film

    A Gift

  8. Aquarela


  9. My Masterpiece

    My Masterpiece

  10. 22 July
    Sebutan Khas: SIGNIS Award

    22 July

  11. Styx


  12. The Nightingale

    The Nightingale

  13. Age of Sail

    Age of Sail

  14. 1938 - Diversi
    Sebutan Khas: Human Rights Nights Association Award

    1938 - Diversi

  15. The Years
    Venice Short Film Nomination for the European Film Awards 2018

    The Years

  16. The Summer House

    The Summer House

  17. American Dharma

    American Dharma

  18. All Inclusive

    All Inclusive

  19. Capri-Revolution
  20. The Stolen Caravaggio

    The Stolen Caravaggio

  21. Happy Lamento

    Happy Lamento

  22. Graves Without a Name

    Graves Without a Name

  23. José
    Queer Lion


  24. Keep Going

    Keep Going

  25. Screwdriver


  26. Ville Neuve

    Ville Neuve

  27. Blonde Animals
    Verona Film Club Award (Critics’ Week)

    Blonde Animals

  28. The Accused

    The Accused

  29. The Road Not Taken
    Gillo Pontecorvo Award - Best Co-production for a Debut Film

    The Road Not Taken

  30. L’île des morts
    Best VR Story Award (for Linear Content)

    L’île des morts

  31. Kobold


  32. Eclipse


  33. Buddy VR
    Best VR Experience Award (for Interactive Content)

    Buddy VR

  34. Umami


  35. The Roaming - Wetlands

    The Roaming - Wetlands

  36. Borderline