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Warsaw International Film Festival

  1. Lost in La Mancha

    Lost in La Mancha

  2. The Invader

    The Invader

  3. Grill Point

    Grill Point

  4. The City of No Limits

    The City of No Limits

  5. The Lease

    The Lease

  6. Edi
    Grand Prix


  7. At the Lake

    At the Lake

  8. Neither Fish, Nor Fowl

    Neither Fish, Nor Fowl

  9. Music for Weddings and Funerals

    Music for Weddings and Funerals

  10. Bark
    Sebutan Khas


  11. Guardian of the Frontier

    Guardian of the Frontier

  12. Fat Girl

    Fat Girl

  13. War Photographer

    War Photographer

  14. Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner

    Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner

  15. Elling
    Audience Award


  16. Take Care of My Cat

    Take Care of My Cat

  17. How Harry Became a Tree

    How Harry Became a Tree

  18. Venus Boyz

    Venus Boyz

  19. Something to Remind Me

    Something to Remind Me

  20. Secret Ballot

    Secret Ballot

  21. Seafood


  22. Absolute Hundred

    Absolute Hundred

  23. Wild Bees
    Sebutan Khas

    Wild Bees

  24. Taxi para tres

    Taxi para tres

  25. The Voice of Ljudmila

    The Voice of Ljudmila

  26. The Children of Russia

    The Children of Russia

  27. Last Ball

    Last Ball

  28. Cyberman


  29. To Love Too Much

    To Love Too Much

  30. Black Box BRD

    Black Box BRD

  31. The Orphan of Anyang
    Sebutan Khas

    The Orphan of Anyang

  32. Je t'aime John Wayne

    Je t'aime John Wayne

  33. My Voyage to Italy

    My Voyage to Italy

  34. Ring