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Photo of Nelson Yu Lik-wai
Photo of Nelson Yu Lik-wai

Nelson Yu Lik-wai

“The cinema image is the mechanical reproduction of our reality and I think the most important issue is how we choose this reality. It depends a lot on your point of view. I think I learned a lot from silent movies, because when I studied in Belgium I watched a lot of silent movies at the Cinémathèque Royal in Brussels. Elaborate film language was already developed in the silent movie. What we are trying to do now is a kind of expansion of what's already been done.”

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    Jia Zhangke China, 2013

    Jia Zhangke, famed for his reserved portraits of modern China, made a sudden switch, combining arthouse neorealism and bloody kung-fu vengeance into an angry political firebomb. Highly controversial—the Chinese government tried to suppress it—it won Best Screenplay at Cannes.

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    24 CITY

    Jia Zhangke China, 2008

    Filem hebat oleh Jia Zhangke, pengarah Still Life yang disanjungi para pengkritik, bertanding di Cannes dan mengisahkan tentang 3 generasi dalam sebuah keluarga melalui puisi, lagu popular dan visual indah yang tidak dapat dilupakan.


    Jia Zhangke China, 2015

    The films of Sixth Generation auteur Jia Zhangke are history-spanning, masterful delights. Mountains May Depart’s story is set in the past, present, and future—each in a different aspect ratio. This makes for a rivetingly modern Chinese melodrama guided by the star-like presence of actress Zhao Tao.


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