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Gambar Radley Metzger
Gambar Radley Metzger

Radley Metzger

I must say I find most of Mr. Metzger’s movies entertaining to watch. They are so, well, ripe with incredible color and décor and movement.

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    Radley Metzger Amerika Syarikat, 1974

    One of the most transgressive of Radley Metzger’s softcore films, this perverse game is all seductive banter, erotic play, and full sexual liberation. One of the first films to portray bisexuality on screen, it is a fabulous product of the 70s: aesthetics, design and sass included. Happy New Year!

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    Radley Metzger Itali, 1970

    The death of censorship in some countries left a brief hope that erotic films could become legitimate cinema, and within this Radley Metzger was a celebrated, scandalous practitioner. This 1970 gem doubles as sly meta-commentary, which Warhol proclaimed a masterpiece. Where you land is up to you.

    CAMILLE 2000

    Radley Metzger Itali, 1969

    Criticized as purely pornographic in the newly X-rated world of 1969, Radley Metzger’s Camille 2000 is an erotic tale adapted from Alexandre Dumas. It also works as a campy melodrama, a chic piece of 60s pop art, and a provocateur’s test of the new freedoms of cinema.


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