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12 Days of Terror

Diarahkan oleh Jack Sholder
Afrika Selatan, 2004
Drama, Seram, Seram


The year was 1916 and the citizens of New Jersey dared not step in the water for fear of meeting a grim fate in the jaws of a great white shark. For 12 days, the bloodthirsty beast would stalk the normally serene shores of New Jersey awaiting the next victim to tempt fate by taking a swim.

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12 Days of Terror Diarahkan oleh Jack Sholder

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  • Bob's rating of the film 12 Days of Terror

    Much like its more famous predecessor, it departures a little bit from the actual Jersey Shore attacks of 1916, in a favor of more suspense and adventure. And once again, the great white is cemented as an ultimate predator, even though the bull shark was the most likely perpetrator. Overall, a solid TV movie with enough character development, passable effects and well established time period.

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